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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

When a man sat near Robyn on her train ride to Alice, he warned her about the blacks there. The man told Robyn that the "coons" ran wild. The theme of racism as introduced in Chapter 1 will be explored.


1. Writing Assignment: After reading Chapter 1, students will journal concerning their reaction to the theme of racism in the story thus far.

2. Class Discussion: Chapter 1 will be analyzed as it relates to racist remarks and outlooks. How did it become clear that many people in The Alice were prejudiced against the blacks? Which snippets of dialogue best relayed this message? What less obvious sections of the Chapter made racism a clear theme throughout?

3. Small Group Discussion: The class will be divided into small groups of 3-6 students. Each group will discuss how racism is a thematic element in Chapter 1. Where did Robyn stand on the subject...

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