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Rewrite the first paragraph in Chapter 1, making Robyn more aware of what, exactly, she is getting into.

Choose the Actors

If Tracks were made into a film, who would play Robyn, Kurt, Rick and Sallay? Include other characters if so desired.

Research Project

Do a research project on camels to present to the class.

Personality Description

Write a character and personality description for each of Robyn's camels.

Zodiac Signs

What zodiac sign would each of Robyn's camels be, and why?

Write A Poem

Write a poem to get across Robyn's feelings about her journey.

Act Out A Scene

Choose one dramatic or funny scene from the book and act it out with a partner.


As a minister would do, write a parable about what Robyn has learned and present it as a sermon to the class.

Learn a New Game

Make up a game. It can...

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