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Essay Topic 1

What, if anything, did Robyn want to prove to herself by the undertaking of this trip? What strengths and weaknesses would such a trip envision for someone like Robyn?

Essay Topic 2

When Robyn showed her anger by blowing up at Kurt in Chapter 1, why did she realize she let all of this anger out at last? What weakness had Kurt touched upon?

Essay Topic 3

Explain Robyn's motivations for wanting to travel across the desert with camels. Explain why it had become not merely a trip or adventure, but something far more to her.

Essay Topic 4

One night, in Chapter 2, Robyn was drunk on tequila, and she had a vision of three camels in the night. What did her vision foreshadow for Robyn's journey? Explain how this prophecy came to be true.

Essay Topic 5

Compare and contrast the racism in the Alice with the misogyny Robyn and...

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