Tracks Character Descriptions

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Robyn Davidson

This person is the author, main character, and narrator of Tracks.


This person is an old Aborigine who is jovial and easygoing and does not worry about what time it is or whether he is wearing the right thing.

Kurt Posel

This person is a German immigrant who raises camels and is angry and violent.

Gladdy Posel

This person is married to an angry and violent camel owner.


This person is a photojournalist for National Geographic magazine.

Sallay Mahomet

This person is an Afghani who agrees to apprentice the author, giving two camels away in exchange for work.

Jenny Green

This person is a friend of the author's, and lives for a while at Basso's Farm.

The Aboriginal Peoples of Australia

The government keeps taking land away from these people, and they suffer from intense racism on the part of most white Australians.


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