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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Fleur attacked by the men?
(a) In the butcher shop
(b) In the Catholic church
(c) In a pig sty
(d) In the freezer

2. Nanapush says the people were led astray by?
(a) Liquor or money
(b) The Lake Monster
(c) Fleur
(d) Father Damien

3. Why do the men attack Fleur?
(a) She will not sleep with them
(b) She takes all their money in poker
(c) She earns more than they do
(d) Because they are drunk

4. What does Pauline think attracted Fleur to Argus?
(a) Working for a butcher
(b) The steeple of the Catholic church
(c) Winning at poker
(d) The men

5. Where does Fleur go in the summer of 1913?
(a) Pukwan
(b) Argus
(c) To Moses' island
(d) The convent

6. Who gives Fleur money to enter the poker game?
(a) Regina
(b) Pauline
(c) Nanapush
(d) Russell

7. How much does Fleur win during the first week of poker?
(a) Exactly $1 each day
(b) $100
(c) $5 a day
(d) $10

8. Who does Pauline leave Argus with?
(a) Fleur
(b) Russell
(c) Dutch James
(d) Bernadette Morrissey

9. Which man is found barely alive?
(a) Dutch James
(b) Eli
(c) Ivory
(d) Pukwan

10. What happens to Pukwan Sr?
(a) He moves to Argus
(b) He crawls into bed and dies
(c) He goes crazy
(d) He jumps in the lake and drowns

11. What does Fleur take with her to eat when she leaves Nanapush's cabin?
(a) Onions and oats
(b) A hunk of deer meat
(c) Nothing
(d) Dried herbs

12. What makes Pauline different from her family?
(a) She has blonde hair
(b) She walks with a limp
(c) She cannot talk
(d) She shuns Indian ways

13. What is the name of the monster in the lake?
(a) Matchimanito
(b) Elisha
(c) Misshepeshu
(d) Nanapukwan

14. What is said to cause Lazarre to talk backwards?
(a) He has a speech problem
(b) He is cursed
(c) He is mentally retarded
(d) His tongue is sewn in backwards

15. What is the only thing that lasts life to life?
(a) Money
(b) Land
(c) Love
(d) Family

Short Answer Questions

1. Nanapush is considered an elder but is only how old?

2. What happens the day after Fleur is attacked?

3. Who helps Nanapush bury the Pillagers?

4. What does Pauline make for Sophie?

5. Who does Pauline attempt to have a relationship with?

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