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1. Why does Dr. Kay Scarpetta come to Richmond, Va?

Dr. Kay Scarpetta comes to Richmond, Va at the request of the current chief medical examiner. She is there to assist with the examination of a case that the medical examiner's office is investigating. It is the case of a fourteen-year-old-girl who apparently died at home alone while sick with the flu.

2. Describe the treasured items that Edgar Allen Pogue moved with.

Edgar Allen Pogue moved from Richmond, Va to Hollywood. Fl with his white Buick packed with his possessions. He moved with his TV, VCR, clothing, laptop computer, and his wig. He also brought red, white, and blue touch up paint for his beloved tee ball bat.

3. Describe Dr. Joel Marcus.

Dr. Joel Marcus is the chief medical examiner who took Dr. Scarpetta's place at the examiner's office. He is a small thin man with a small face and a small thin stripe of dirty gray hair on the back of his small head. He wears an outdated narrow tie, shapeless gray trousers and loafers.

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