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Chapters 1 - 10

• Scarpetta has returned home to Virginia where the current Medical Examiner has asked for her help on a particularly difficult case.

• Scarpetta and Marino sit and look at the building that is being torn down where Scarpetta used to work.

• Edgar Allan Pogue is wearing his black wig when he checks into his new apartment building in Hollywood, Florida.

• Pogue is talking to his mother which is a tin filled with his mother's ashes.

• Scarpetta is treated rudely by the medical examiner who invited her to come as a consultant until she lays down the rules.

• Benton is trying to treat Henri for an attack she received but Henri is rather unwilling to cooperate.

• A hairy eyeball has been scratched into the paint on Lucy's car and left on a piece of paper at her house.

Chapters 11 - 20

• Lucy knows now that it was a mistake...

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