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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Adam communicate with Sigismund?
(a) Only through gestures.
(b) By whispers.
(c) By yelling loudly.
(d) In another language.

2. How does the King take the Confessor to mean by his statement regarding executions?
(a) He must convince others that Sigismund is not of royal blood.
(b) No matter how slight Sigismund's transgression, the King has the right to execute him.
(c) No one may be executed.
(d) There is hardly anything Sigismund can do to be executed.

3. A rebel named Jeronim tells other rebels that Sigismund's insane-sounding words are proof of what?
(a) He is not the King's son.
(b) How the King and nobility drove him mad and are therefore evil and must be punished.
(c) He should not be their leader.
(d) He is insane.

4. What is the King's judgment regarding Sigismund?
(a) He should be made king.
(b) He should be imprisoned again.
(c) He should be exiled.
(d) He should be exectued.

5. What do Sigismund and Adam discuss?
(a) Their plans for defeating Olivier.
(b) Their plans for helping Olivier.
(c) Their plans for helping the King.
(d) Their plans for escape.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Adam say when he appears?

2. What does Sigismund sense?

3. Why does Olivier want weapons drawn on Sigismund?

4. What is one of the Ten Prohibitions in which Sigismund seems to have a skill?

5. What does Anton say he has just heard?

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