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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Sigismund says, "Father, into thy hands? "
(a) He begins to laugh.
(b) He collapses before he can finish.
(c) The King walks into the room.
(d) God calls to him.

2. Who does Pancras tell Olivier is making the noise?
(a) The Guards.
(b) The Recruit.
(c) The Prisoner.
(d) The King.

3. What does the Doctor speak about in regards to the Prisoner?
(a) How he is to murder the prisoner in his cell.
(b) How he was given orders to keep the Prisoner hidden from the world and therefore hid him with the farm family.
(c) How he is to take him away from this prison and protect him.
(d) How he has always wanted to protect the prisoner.

4. He adds that Julian's spiritual freedom depends on what?
(a) To whom he prays.
(b) How often he attends mass.
(c) The Prisoner's physical freedom.
(d) His desire to be saved.

5. Ignatius says everything the King is and has ever been is nothing but what?
(a) A waste.
(b) Greed.
(c) Vanity.
(d) Ugliness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sigismund says he feels so powerful that he can do what?

2. After Julian sends Simon away, what does he discuss with Anton?

3. Whose grave does the King want to see?

4. Over what do Olivier, Pancras and Andrew argue?

5. How do the people feel about this news from the King?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does this act begin?

2. How will Sigismund's new order be different from the old?

3. How does Sigismund react when Juilan encourages him to take the power he is being offered?

4. What happens to the singing? When does this happen?

5. What does Sigismund say when he sees the Doctor's shocked expression?

6. What does Pancras say when Olivier calls the Prisoner a prince? What is Olivier's response to Pancras?

7. What is causing the banging noise? Why?

8. Of what does Julian accuse the Doctor? What is the Doctor's response?

9. What is Adam's job?

10. What suddenly happens to Sigismund?

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