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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sigismund react when Julian reveals himself?
(a) In awe.
(b) In shock.
(c) In fear.
(d) In excitement.

2. What is the Green Faction?
(a) Members of the King's army.
(b) Members of the rebel army.
(c) Deserters from both the King's army and the rebels.
(d) A group of farmers that have formed a militia.

3. What is one of the Ten Prohibitions in which Sigismund seems to have a skill?
(a) Greed.
(b) Gluttony.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Horseback riding.

4. With what does the Gypsy Girl say she is pregnant?
(a) Fear.
(b) Love.
(c) Olivier's child.
(d) A tumor.

5. Why does the King say that he must be obeyed?
(a) Because he has the most money.
(b) Because he will kill anyone who does not listen to him.
(c) Because as King he has the ultimate authority and was given that authority by God.
(d) Because he does not like to be ignored.

6. What do the Courtiers do to Sigismund?
(a) They execute him.
(b) They carry him off and subdue him.
(c) They beat him.
(d) They bow down to him.

7. What does the King urge Julian to be?
(a) A better counselor to Sigismund than Ignatius was to him.
(b) More kind than Ignatius had been.
(c) Sigismund's friend.
(d) A spy for him.

8. What does the King tearfully recall, regarding a king turning over his throne to his heir?
(a) The King did not want to give his kingdom to anyone.
(b) The heir did not appreciate what was given to him.
(c) The young King looked just like his father.
(d) That King had urged his heir to bless the people of the kingdom in the same way that he himself had been blessed.

9. What is Anton's warning?
(a) Sigismund will kill the King.
(b) Sigismund is stronger than the King.
(c) The meeting between Sigismund and the King will not go well.
(d) Sigismund is not ready to meet with the King.

10. After the courtier who has given Julian the news goes, Anton tries to do what for Julian?
(a) Make him laugh.
(b) Plead on his behalf.
(c) Find him a new job.
(d) Comfort him.

11. How does Julian refer to Sigismund?
(a) As a beggar.
(b) As the next king.
(c) As the devil.
(d) As crown prince.

12. What do the two Gypsy Girls say about Olivier's march to power?
(a) It has ended.
(b) It will end.
(c) It is unstoppable.
(d) It is weakening.

13. What does the King give Julian as a symbol of his authority?
(a) A medal.
(b) A pin.
(c) A crown.
(d) A ring.

14. Of what does Sigismund say Olivier smells?
(a) Sweat and dirt.
(b) Cologne.
(c) Death and revenge.
(d) Violets and roses.

15. What is the nobleman Adam's job?
(a) To prepare the meals for Sigismund and the King.
(b) To pose as Sigismund's friend and get him to talk about his true feelings.
(c) To guide the King in his decisions regarding Sigismund.
(d) To teach Sigismund how to ride a horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Spirit Figure of Julian do so Siglismund can see the war from above?

2. What does the King tell Sigismund is his first responsibility as prince?

3. What does Olivier order Julian to try to do?

4. Why does Anton try to force Sigismund's feet into his boots?

5. What calms Sigismund?

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