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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has the King ordered Julian to be for the rest of his life?
(a) A courtier.
(b) Sigismund's keeper.
(c) A beggar.
(d) A priest.

2. What does Anton say he has just heard?
(a) A shout.
(b) An explosion.
(c) A scream.
(d) A shot.

3. What does Sigismund do with Julian's request regarding the royal robes?
(a) He refuses to put them on.
(b) He refuses to hang them out the window.
(c) He burns them.
(d) He puts them on.

4. What does Adam say when he appears?
(a) The tower has been destroyed.
(b) Departure for the tower is going to be delayed.
(c) It is time to leave for the tower.
(d) He will help take care of Sigismund.

5. Why does Olivier want weapons drawn on Sigismund?
(a) To scare him.
(b) To kill him.
(c) To embarrass him.
(d) To see if he recognizes objects.

6. What does the King point out about the room?
(a) It is a beautiful room, just like his Queen who used to inhabit it.
(b) It looks just as it did when Sigismund was born.
(c) That Sigismund was conceived in this very room.
(d) It will be Sigismund's new home.

7. What does the Doctor notice about Sigismund's hand?
(a) It is bleeding.
(b) It is black.
(c) It is missing.
(d) It is shriveled.

8. Why does Sigismund dismiss the others?
(a) He wants to be alone.
(b) So he can talk with the Gypsy Girl alone.
(c) He needs to pray.
(d) So he can plan his next military coup.

9. After the courtier who has given Julian the news goes, Anton tries to do what for Julian?
(a) Make him laugh.
(b) Comfort him.
(c) Plead on his behalf.
(d) Find him a new job.

10. What does Olivier order Julian to try to do?
(a) Kill Sigismund.
(b) Run away.
(c) Hide.
(d) Defend himself.

11. What do Sigismund and Adam discuss?
(a) Their plans for escape.
(b) Their plans for defeating Olivier.
(c) Their plans for helping the King.
(d) Their plans for helping Olivier.

12. Why does the King say that he must be obeyed?
(a) Because he does not like to be ignored.
(b) Because he will kill anyone who does not listen to him.
(c) Because he has the most money.
(d) Because as King he has the ultimate authority and was given that authority by God.

13. When Sigismund is gone, the Doctor makes what promise?
(a) He will never get involved with Sigismund again.
(b) Sigismund will be taken care of and hints that his struggle for freedom is not finished.
(c) He will not return to this kingdom as long as the King is alive.
(d) Sigismund will never rule.

14. What does the King express to the Doctor?
(a) His dislike.
(b) His uncertainties.
(c) His fear.
(d) His gratitude.

15. What is the King prepared to do to ensure that power and order in the kingdom continue?
(a) Add to the list of Ten Prohibitions.
(b) Create new laws.
(c) Whatever is necessary.
(d) Anything but hurt Sigismund.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Julian refer to Sigismund?

2. Why does the King withdraw with Julian?

3. The King, Confessor and courtiers leave, with some of the courtiers doing what to Julian?

4. What do the two Gypsy Girls say about Olivier's march to power?

5. What does the Doctor have prepared if Sigismund should become unstable?

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