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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the King point out about the room?
(a) It is a beautiful room, just like his Queen who used to inhabit it.
(b) It looks just as it did when Sigismund was born.
(c) It will be Sigismund's new home.
(d) That Sigismund was conceived in this very room.

2. How does the Gypsy Girl respond when one of the rebels asks her where Olivier is?
(a) She tells him where Olivier is.
(b) She screams.
(c) She refuses to speak.
(d) She hits him.

3. How does Julian refer to Sigismund?
(a) As a beggar.
(b) As the next king.
(c) As the devil.
(d) As crown prince.

4. What does the Doctor have prepared if Sigismund should become unstable?
(a) A syringe filled with a sedative.
(b) A strait jacket.
(c) A sponge that has been soaked in a powerful narcotic.
(d) A padded cell.

5. It is the cause of the shooting that is heard?
(a) It is coming from the tower.
(b) It came from the King's army in the castle.
(c) It is a small band of peasants from a nearby village.
(d) It came from members of the Green Faction who have camped nearby.

6. After the courtier who has given Julian the news goes, Anton tries to do what for Julian?
(a) Comfort him.
(b) Make him laugh.
(c) Find him a new job.
(d) Plead on his behalf.

7. How do the peasants feel about Sigismund?
(a) Honored to have him as their leader.
(b) Excited to meet this prince that has been away from his kingdom.
(c) Angered that he disrespected their king.
(d) Frightened of the animal they think Sigismund has become but also eager to place him at the head of their rebellion.

8. What does the King tearfully recall, regarding a king turning over his throne to his heir?
(a) The young King looked just like his father.
(b) The heir did not appreciate what was given to him.
(c) The King did not want to give his kingdom to anyone.
(d) That King had urged his heir to bless the people of the kingdom in the same way that he himself had been blessed.

9. Who is the Children's King?
(a) He is a boy that has decided to organize a militia group of children.
(b) He is the younger son of the King and Queen.
(c) He is the King's son by a servant, and he was kidnapped by his mother and raised in the woods.
(d) He is an outgoing peasant boy who the other children call king.

10. What does the King say to the Confessor about Sigismund?
(a) He must be executed.
(b) He is afraid of Sigismund.
(c) He must be forgiven.
(d) He is an unruly child.

11. What does the Gypsy Girl magically cause to emerge from the earth?
(a) The Devil.
(b) Human bones.
(c) Vampires.
(d) Plants.

12. Where does the King think he might like to withdraw?
(a) To the monastery the way Ignatius did.
(b) To a resort by a beach.
(c) To a cabin in the moutains.
(d) To the forest.

13. What has been untouched since the Queen's death?
(a) Her clothing.
(b) Her makeup.
(c) Her bedchamber.
(d) Her food.

14. What are Tartars?
(a) Turkish soldiers.
(b) Beggars.
(c) Villagers.
(d) Peasants.

15. When Sigismund is gone, the Doctor makes what promise?
(a) He will never get involved with Sigismund again.
(b) He will not return to this kingdom as long as the King is alive.
(c) Sigismund will be taken care of and hints that his struggle for freedom is not finished.
(d) Sigismund will never rule.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the King's judgment regarding Sigismund?

2. Where is this act set?

3. What does the King urge Julian to be?

4. Who does a courtier report are on their way up?

5. With what does the Gypsy Girl say she is pregnant?

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