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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sigismund say about man, as Julian calls for the guards?
(a) Man is the devil.
(b) Man is evil.
(c) Man is strange.
(d) Man is glorious.

2. After Julian sends Simon away, what does he discuss with Anton?
(a) Who is in charge of organizing the funeral.
(b) Whether Simon is telling the truth.
(c) When the King will arrive.
(d) Why the King always sends Simon.

3. The King talks at length about how his kingdom is falling apart and how he plans to attack who?
(a) The Americans.
(b) The French.
(c) The Jews.
(d) The Muslims.

4. How has Simon come?
(a) Saying he needs to speak with Anton alone.
(b) Saying he has ridden all night to seek out advice from the Doctor.
(c) Saying he was given the letter to bring to Anton in the usual way and that he rode all night in order to deliver the message promptly.
(d) Saying he has come to see the Prisoner.

5. What does Olivier think he hears being passed back and forth?
(a) Signals between bands of Jewish smugglers.
(b) A pigeon carrying news from one prince to another.
(c) Arguing between two guards.
(d) A rubber ball.

6. What did the prophecy contain?
(a) A war with France.
(b) The death of his son.
(c) Horrifying images of war and violence.
(d) A peaceful kingdom.

7. What does Ignatius reminds the King about marriage between a man and woman?
(a) It can be broken, unlike the union between the Church and God.
(b) It is as sacred as the union between the Church and God.
(c) It is forever.
(d) It is very special.

8. Sigismund says he feels so powerful that he can do what?
(a) Jump out of the tower and land safely on the ground.
(b) Knock down the door to the tower.
(c) Take power away from the King.
(d) Blow away a straw and a stone tower with equal ease.

9. Julian appears, carrying a vial that contains what?
(a) Perfume.
(b) Water.
(c) Sigismund's blood.
(d) The Doctor's potion.

10. As the Man and the Recruit continue to speak in poetic language about signs of approaching violence, what does Olivier do?
(a) He goes to his rooms.
(b) He listens in on the conversation.
(c) He calls to the Prisoner.
(d) He grabs a weapon and prepares to beat the Prisoner into silence.

11. What is the setting of this scene?
(a) In a room in the tower.
(b) In the King's private rooms.
(c) In a field behind the tower.
(d) In the dungeon.

12. Who is Anton?
(a) Olivier's servant.
(b) The Governor's son.
(c) The Governor's servant.
(d) The King's servant.

13. What does Ignatius say about how the terror and remorse the King is experiencing?
(a) The king does not deserves these.
(b) They are part of the true face of God, the spirit of judgment. The King cries for help.
(c) He should feel it more often.
(d) They are sad but difficult to change.

14. What is the setting?
(a) Another room of the tower.
(b) A room in the castle.
(c) The Peasant Woman's home.
(d) A pasture behind the tower.

15. What does the Doctor say is the same as strong will?
(a) Strong faith.
(b) Strong arms.
(c) Strong thoughts.
(d) A strong mind.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is revealed about the Peasant Woman?

2. What does the King do when the Young Monk reads another quote?

3. Why can not see the Governor?

4. What does Julian order be done to Sigismund?

5. What does Julian say he has begun to have?

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