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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The King reminds him that everything he did to his son, Sigismund, he did on who's advice?
(a) The prophecy's.
(b) Julian's.
(c) Ignatius'.
(d) His wife's.

2. The King talks at length about how his kingdom is falling apart and how he plans to attack who?
(a) The Muslims.
(b) The French.
(c) The Jews.
(d) The Americans.

3. How does Julian react when Anton speaks about how glad he will be when the nobleman has gone?
(a) He becomes angry and then tells him to arrange for watchmen to be alert for the nobleman's approach.
(b) He becomes surprised that Anton would not be excited about the nobleman's arrival.
(c) He becomes angry but also agrees with Anton.
(d) He is saddened by this news that Anton does not want to see the nobleman.

4. What is revealed about the Peasant Woman?
(a) She is Sigismund's foster mother from the farm family with whom he lived early in his life.
(b) She is Sigismund's mother and the Queen.
(c) She is the King's sister.
(d) She is Sigismund's sister.

5. What does the King tell the other courtiers about Julian's behavior?
(a) It is better than it had been.
(b) It is a good example of true devotion.
(c) It is a disgrace.
(d) It is not as it should be.

6. About what are the citizens talking?
(a) A large funeral mass to be held for the King's nephew.
(b) A revolution that will end the lives of the nobility and the wealthy.
(c) Who will inherit the throne.
(d) A feast held in honor of the King.

7. How does Sigismund respond when Julian tells him he has to drink the potion to go on a journey?
(a) He throws the vile out of the window.
(b) He drinks the potion quickly.
(c) He asks Julian to drink it first.
(d) He reminds him that people have been killed by drinking potions and asks to be told who he truly is before he drinks.

8. Over what do Olivier, Pancras and Andrew argue?
(a) Whether the Governor in charge of the tower truly has any right to issue orders.

9. How does Olivier refer to the Prisoner?
(a) As a beggar.
(b) As a lout.
(c) As a prince.
(d) As a thief.

10. How does the Prisoner respond when Anton calls him by name?
(a) He begins banging the cage with his fists.
(b) He screams.
(c) Yes.
(d) He does not respond.

11. Who is Anton?
(a) The Governor's son.
(b) Olivier's servant.
(c) The Governor's servant.
(d) The King's servant.

12. How has Simon come?
(a) Saying he has ridden all night to seek out advice from the Doctor.
(b) Saying he was given the letter to bring to Anton in the usual way and that he rode all night in order to deliver the message promptly.
(c) Saying he needs to speak with Anton alone.
(d) Saying he has come to see the Prisoner.

13. What does the Doctor speak about in regards to the Prisoner?
(a) How he is to murder the prisoner in his cell.
(b) How he is to take him away from this prison and protect him.
(c) How he has always wanted to protect the prisoner.
(d) How he was given orders to keep the Prisoner hidden from the world and therefore hid him with the farm family.

14. What does Anton do to Sigismund?
(a) He laughs at him.
(b) He leaves him collapsed on the floor.
(c) He cradles him in his arms.
(d) He lays him on the ground.

15. How does Anton react when Sigismund asks whether he actually is a human being?
(a) He ignores the question.
(b) He laughs at him.
(c) He tells him he is human.
(d) He tells him he is a mutant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ignatius says everything the King is and has ever been is nothing but what?

2. Who is a spiritual young man tortured and imprisoned by authority figures afraid of his power?

3. What does the King want to do to Ignatius?

4. Why can not see the Governor?

5. What does Anton urge the Doctor to give the Prisoner?

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