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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sigismund respond when Julian tells him he has to drink the potion to go on a journey?
(a) He drinks the potion quickly.
(b) He throws the vile out of the window.
(c) He asks Julian to drink it first.
(d) He reminds him that people have been killed by drinking potions and asks to be told who he truly is before he drinks.

2. What does Anton do to Sigismund?
(a) He lays him on the ground.
(b) He cradles him in his arms.
(c) He laughs at him.
(d) He leaves him collapsed on the floor.

3. How does the Prisoner respond when Anton calls him by name?
(a) Yes.
(b) He does not respond.
(c) He begins banging the cage with his fists.
(d) He screams.

4. Over what do Olivier, Pancras and Andrew argue?
(c) Whether the Governor in charge of the tower truly has any right to issue orders.

5. What does the King tell the other courtiers about Julian's behavior?
(a) It is not as it should be.
(b) It is a disgrace.
(c) It is a good example of true devotion.
(d) It is better than it had been.

6. Julian then talks about how he was manipulated into doing what?
(a) Beating the Prisoner once every day.
(b) Feeding the Prisoner unhealthy food.
(c) Putting the Prisoner into the prison cell with windows.
(d) Putting the Prisoner in the darkest, most damp cell available.

7. What is the setting of this scene?
(a) A church.
(b) A castle.
(c) A monastery.
(d) The tower.

8. Who does Anton say the Prisoner sometimes flies into a rage and attacks?
(a) Him.
(b) The Guards.
(c) Animals.
(d) The King.

9. What does Ignatius reminds the King about marriage between a man and woman?
(a) It is as sacred as the union between the Church and God.
(b) It can be broken, unlike the union between the Church and God.
(c) It is forever.
(d) It is very special.

10. What does the Doctor tell Julian he has chosen since he became an adult?
(a) An exciting life.
(b) A life of loneliness.
(c) A thrilling career.
(d) A life filled with people.

11. How does Anton react when Sigismund asks whether he actually is a human being?
(a) He tells him he is a mutant.
(b) He tells him he is human.
(c) He ignores the question.
(d) He laughs at him.

12. Upon who does the Second urge the King to declare war?
(a) The French.
(b) The peasants.
(c) The Jews.
(d) The Muslim.

13. What does Olivier think he hears being passed back and forth?
(a) A rubber ball.
(b) Signals between bands of Jewish smugglers.
(c) Arguing between two guards.
(d) A pigeon carrying news from one prince to another.

14. What happens when Sigismund drinks the potion?
(a) He loses his mind.
(b) He falls unconscious.
(c) He vomits.
(d) He hallucinates.

15. Why does the Doctor tear up his suggestions for keeping the Prisoner healthy?
(a) He is already being treated well and fed healthy food.
(b) He needs nothing less than to be spiritually reborn and freed as soon as possible.
(c) He does not want to do what the King requests.
(d) He wants to see the Prisoner suffer.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Julian sends Simon away, what does he discuss with Anton?

2. How does Ignatius respond when the King falls to his knees, asking Ignatius' guidance in how to get his son back?

3. What does the letter to Julian contain?

4. Of what does Anton assure the Doctor about Sigismund?

5. Why can Sigismund not see his father and mother, according to Julian?

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