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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The conviction was the direct result of what before the Prisoner was born?
(a) A severe storm that appeared.
(b) A witch that arrived.
(c) A prophecy that appeared.
(d) A dream the King had.

2. At the sound of a muffled banging, what does Olivier do?
(a) He orders whoever is making it to be silent.
(b) He screams.
(c) He runs away.
(d) He hides.

3. Specific parallels to _____ story appear throughout the play, making thematic points about the importance of integrity, faith and tensions between spiritual and earthly power.
(a) The Buddha.
(b) The Zeus.
(c) The Christ.
(d) The Czar.

4. What does Ignatius say about how the terror and remorse the King is experiencing?
(a) They are sad but difficult to change.
(b) The king does not deserves these.
(c) He should feel it more often.
(d) They are part of the true face of God, the spirit of judgment. The King cries for help.

5. Of what was the Prisoner convicted?
(a) Stealing from the King as a child.
(b) Wanting to run away from the King as a child.
(c) Plotting to assassinate the King when he was a child.
(d) Murdering the King's wife as a child.

6. How does Anton respond to Julian's interest to join the court?
(a) He is just as excited to be a part of the King's court.
(b) He tells him he willll be facing several new and difficult responsibilities and suggests they escape before they get involved in all the politics and manipulations of court life.
(c) He knows Julian will be a good choice for the court.
(d) He hopes he too will be asked to be a part of the court.

7. For whom does the Doctor ask?
(a) The guards.
(b) His patient.
(c) The King.
(d) His son.

8. What does Anton urge the Doctor to give the Prisoner?
(a) Some medicine to calm him and make him happy.
(b) Handcuffs to wear around his wrists and ankles.
(c) Food.
(d) A shot to sedate him.

9. How does Sigismund make Anton angry?
(a) Sigismund argues with him.
(b) Sigismund is trying to pick the lock.
(c) He sees Sigismund trying to climb out the tower window.
(d) He sees from the straw that Sigismund has been playing with fire.

10. Julian appears, carrying a vial that contains what?
(a) Sigismund's blood.
(b) The Doctor's potion.
(c) Water.
(d) Perfume.

11. Who does Olivier think can sense "the bloodshed to come?"
(a) The Jewish smugglers.
(b) The guards.
(c) The pigeons.
(d) The princes.

12. Why can not see the Governor?
(a) He does not see anyone.
(b) He is too busy.
(c) He always communicates through a servant.
(d) He is out of town.

13. What does the letter to Julian contain?
(a) The news that the King wants the Prisoner removed from the Tower.
(b) A note from the King thanking him for his birthday gift.
(c) The news that the King is coming for a visit.
(d) The news that the King's nephew has been killed in a riding accident and that the King's chief advisor has suddenly become a monk.

14. Who does Anton say the Prisoner sometimes flies into a rage and attacks?
(a) Animals.
(b) Him.
(c) The King.
(d) The Guards.

15. What does the Doctor say is the same as strong will?
(a) Strong faith.
(b) A strong mind.
(c) Strong thoughts.
(d) Strong arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the people feel about this news from the King?

2. The Doctor that with each glance the Prisoner offers what?

3. As the Man and the Recruit continue to speak in poetic language about signs of approaching violence, what does Olivier do?

4. How does Sigismund respond when Julian tells him he has to drink the potion to go on a journey?

5. What does Julian say he has begun to have?

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