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1. How does Olivier speak to those around him at the beginning of the scene?

In front of the tower, Olivier bullies and berates a young Recruit for not responding properly to his petty orders. After the Recruit goes off, conversation between the guards reveals that Olivier is the new Guard Commander. Olivier speaks arrogantly to them, and one of them comments that people with his kind of attitude go far.

2. What is causing the banging noise? Why?

A guard called Pancras tells Olivier that the Prisoner is making the noise. The Prisoner has a horse's bone that he uses to attack rats and other vermin when they get too much for him.

3. What does Pancras say when Olivier calls the Prisoner a prince? What is Olivier's response to Pancras?

Pancras reminds him that he's never to refer to the Prisoner as a prince, and Olivier arrogantly says there's no one strong enough to punish him for breaking the rules.

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