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1930s Germany

Research an aspect of life in Germany in 1930, and create a five-minute presentation for your classmates.

Prejudice Against Jews

Research racism, especially against Jews. How long has it existed? Why does it exist? How has it affected this culture?

Erase the Hate Poster Contest

Hold a poster contest with the theme being "Erase the Hate."

Erase the Hate Pep Rally

Host a pep rally for you grade or school, focusing on how to deal with issues relating to prejudice and racism.

Medieval Kingdoms

Research life in a medieval kingdom, and use your classmates to recreate a kingdom. Who is king? Who are the serfs? Who would be a knight? Make sure each student has a place in society and understands his or her role. Role play your character to better understand the caste system and expectations of a medieval kingdom.

King Research Paper

Choose a king...

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