The Tower Character Descriptions

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King Basilius - This character is the father of Sigismund. Because he heard a prophesy that predicted his son would rise up against him in rebellion, this character had Sigismund locked away in a tower until he was twenty-one years old.

Julian - This character is the governor of the tower in which Sigismund has been locked until the age of twenty-one.

Olivier - This character takes command of the peasant rebellion that rises up after King Basilius is ousted by supporters of Sigismund. This character has King Basilius killed and then has Sigismund killed.

Physician - This character is first brought to the tower to examine Sigismund, the prince who has been locked up like an animal until the age of twenty-one. The physician immediately perceives that Sigismund is of royal descent.

Sigismund - At the age of twelve, this character was accused of murder...

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