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Act 1, Scene 1

• Olivier is the new Guard Commander and is very arrogant and mean.

• The Prisoner is making banging noises, which Olivier wants stopped; Olivier refers to the Prisoner as a prince, but Pancras reminds him that he's never to refer to the Prisoner as a prince, and Olivier arrogantly says there's no one strong enough to punish him for breaking the rules.

• Olivier speaks with pleasure about violence to come and a man who will be raised to bring justice to the world.

• The Recruit takes a weapon from Olivier as Andrew reminds Olivier of the Ten Prohibitions, acts and behavior the guards are forbidden to do around the Prisoner; Olivier says that no one can give power to another unless he has it himself, pulling out a coin and referring to the face on it, which the audience understands to be the face of the King...

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