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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Dr. Faustus", the spectators are _____.
(a) The guests.
(b) The animals.
(c) The prisoners.
(d) The actors.

2. Who is Grotowski's collaborator and observer in "Actor's Training (1966)"?
(a) Slowask Minorski.
(b) Ryszard Cieslak.
(c) Amanda Pasquier.
(d) Denis Bablet.

3. The one absolute rule Grotowski cites in "Actor's Training (1966)" is that what must come first, then vocal expression?
(a) Thought.
(b) Bodily activity.
(c) Emotion.
(d) Memory.

4. What is the first exercise from the second set of "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)" called?
(a) The goat.
(b) The monkey.
(c) The lion.
(d) The cat.

5. The first explanation of the "Shoulderstand exercises" is _____.
(a) How to jump.
(b) How to fall.
(c) How to relax.
(d) How to stand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of respiration is the most effective for the actor?

2. What is the name of the exercise from "Actor's Training (1966)" which intends to make the pupil let himself go completely, and at the same time, set the guttural resonator in action?

3. Grotowski states in "Skara Speech" for the actors to "eliminate from every exercise any movement which is purely _____."

4. Section B of "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)" are based upon the work of _____.

5. Who built his methods on the spontaneity of daily life, according to Grotowski in "The Actor's Technique"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What exercises take place second in "Actor's Training (1966)"?

2. What does Grotowski state regarding aesthetics in "The Actor's Technique"?

3. Describe briefly the "plastic" exercises from "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)".

4. How does Grotowski describe actor-audience encounter in "American Encounter"?

5. What exercises compose the second section from "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)"?

6. How does Grotowski feel about externalization, or "classical acting" techniques?

7. What does Grotowski say of the current methods of acting in "The Actor's Technique"?

8. How does Grotowski describe a "score" in "The Actor's Technique"?

9. How does Grotowski's technique differ from the theorists he mentions in "The Actor's Technique"?

10. What are resonators? Where are they in the body?

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