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1. In Chapter 1, "Towards a Poor Theatre", what does Grotowski assert is at the core of his theory on the theatre? Whom are his influences?

At the core of Grotowski's theory is the quest to find what separates theatre from any other art form, especially film and television. He admits his large influence in this regard is Stanislavski, and he mentions other influences, such as Meyerhold, Delsarte, and the Peking (Chinese) Opera.

2. What does Grotowski write in "Towards a Poor Theatre" (Chapter 1) regarding experimental theatre, gimmicks, and tricks?

Jerzy Grotowski first denounces labels of his theatre as experimental, which he associates with such things as stage gimmicks, clownish acting, and contemporary music. He aims not to employ his actors with "tricks" or "skills" to pull out at the right time, rather his theory seeks to break down barriers, so that the actor may give of himself fully in the act of performance.

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