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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Statement of Principles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The two fundamental elements that define theatre to Grotowski are the actor and the _____.
(a) Text.
(b) Designer.
(c) Audience.
(d) Director.

2. The interview for "The Actor's Technique" with Grotowski was conducted by _____.
(a) Jacques Renoir.
(b) Sarah Pinzorski.
(c) Pierre Atrion.
(d) Denis Bablet.

3. What is the first exercise from the second set of "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)" called?
(a) The cat.
(b) The monkey.
(c) The lion.
(d) The goat.

4. Grotowski prefers to use "_____" in replacement of the word "role."
(a) Beat.
(b) Script.
(c) Arc.
(d) Score.

5. What does Grotowski approach second in "Actor's Training (1966)"?
(a) Stimulation of the Voice.
(b) Animal exercises.
(c) Floor work.
(d) Tiger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who played the role of the Constant Prince in Grotowski's production of "The Constant Prince"?

2. The actor playing Dr. Faustus in Grotowski's "Dr. Faustus" is said to resemble _____.

3. Part V of "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)" are "Leaps and _____."

4. The description of Grotowski's production of "The Constant Prince" compares it to what Rembrandt painting?

5. Section B of "Actor's Training (1959 - 1962)" are titled _____.

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