Towards a Poor Theatre Character Descriptions

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Jerzy Grotowski

This figure was a Polish actor and later theatre producer who founded the Theatre Laboratory and developed his own theories and methods on the subject of theatre acting.

The Holy Actor

This is the author's highest, or ideal, conception of the actor, which has eradicated all barriers to self-knowledge and self-revelation.

Constantin Stanislavski

This Russian director is known for developing a powerful theory of theatre acting and for going a step further and developing a realistic method for realizing his theory.

Antonin Artaud

This figure is a theatre theorist who conceived of the Theatre of Cruelty, meant to break the barrier between actor and spectator and make the actor's performance as visceral and powerful as possible.

Bertholt Brecht

This director and playwright is briefly mentioned as a man who created a brilliant aesthetic theory of theatre, but who left theatre lacking how to accomplish some of...

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