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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Wiley's last column appear?
(a) It is never published.
(b) Buried in the middle of the newspaper.
(c) On the front page.
(d) On the sports page.

2. Which of the following terms best describes how Tigertail feels learning that one of the other characters is dead?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Despondent.
(c) Elated.
(d) Surprised.

3. Who do Kara Lynn and Keyes plan to call after they leave Bernal?
(a) Al Garcia.
(b) Tigertail.
(c) Viceroy.
(d) Reed.

4. How long did Jenna tell Keyes that Kara Lynn had been a student of hers?
(a) 2 months.
(b) 2 years.
(c) 3 years.
(d) 6 months.

5. Which of the following characters is not in the warehouse building?
(a) Bernal.
(b) Viceroy.
(c) Wiley.
(d) Tigertail.

6. Which of the following characters is found dead in this chapter?
(a) Pavlov.
(b) Garcia.
(c) Tigertail.
(d) Keyes.

7. Which of the following best describes how Keyes begins to feel about Kara Lynn?
(a) Disgusted.
(b) Romantic.
(c) Protective.
(d) Tired.

8. Where is Keyes when he learns about the incident on the boat with the helicopter?
(a) On the deck of the boat.
(b) In his car traveling to see Mulcahy.
(c) In Kara Lynn's bed.
(d) In the newspaper office.

9. Who left a message on Keyes' answering machine?
(a) Mulcahy.
(b) Bernal.
(c) Wiley.
(d) Cardoza.

10. Where does Wiley indicate that he has relocated to?
(a) Bahamas.
(b) Fort Lauderdale.
(c) Aruba.
(d) Port-au-Prince.

11. Which of the following characters reassures Keyes that everything will be fine?
(a) Kara Lynn.
(b) Wiley.
(c) Garcia.
(d) Bernal.

12. What happened to the helicopter?
(a) Crashed with no survivors.
(b) Landed on the boat.
(c) Disappeared across the horizon.
(d) Crashed with some survivors.

13. Who does Keyes go to talk to about the risk of being in the parade?
(a) Kara Lynn .
(b) Reed Shivers.
(c) Brian Keyes.
(d) Bernal.

14. What does Kara Lynn want to go do that Keyes has to tag along with her?
(a) Beat up Garcia.
(b) Play tennis.
(c) Go for a run.
(d) To see her float

15. Why does Garcia request a color television?
(a) To keep in contact with Keyes.
(b) To catch up on the news.
(c) To watch the Orange Bowl Parade.
(d) To find out details about Bernal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kara Lynn see on Keyes that concerns her?

2. Who does Keyes find in his office reading the newspaper when he wakes up?

3. What does Keyes call the Shivers as he leaves their house?

4. Where does Keyes station himself to be able to help Kara Lynn if necessary?

5. What room in the building was totally destroyed by the bomb?

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