Tourist Season Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happens to Nell's husband while he is in the water and why does Nell become suspicious?

Nell's husband is stung severely by jellyfish in the water and needs medical attention. However, Nell becomes suspicious when the lifeguards she called over to help take her husband away but do not seem to be tanned as she would expect.

2. What does Nell do when her husband doesn't return and what happens?

Nell calls the police when her husband does not return, but they are not too enthused to look for him because they are already looking for someone else.

3. How does Ernesto feel about America and what does he explain to Keyes about his arrest?

Ernesto has been in the US for sixteen years and is proud he can speak English. He tells Keyes that he was driving a car and was stopped on a routine traffic stop and then charged with the murder of Sparky.

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