Tourist Season Character Descriptions

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Theodore Bellamy

This character is a tourist from Evanston, Illinois, visiting Miami for a Shriners' convention.

Nell Bellamy

This character is a pleasant woman who is persistent in her goal to discover what actually happened to her husband.

B. D.

This character is the president of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and an important person known by many people in the area.

Dr. Joe Allen

This is the chief medical examiner in Miami.

Ricky Bloodworth

This character is a short, bony, newspaper reporter with black hair and a squirrel-like face who is trying to make a name by creating a character for himself so he will be more noticed.

Skip Wiley

This character is a gifted writer, but is avoided by the younger reporters due to his unpredictable character.


This character is the vice-president of the local Sierra club, and is protective of the Everglades.

Brian Keyes

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