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Short Answer Questions

1. _____________ years before, this tiny town was an unspoiled village boasting a Renaissance chateau, cobbled streets and modest services, including a butcher, baker and simple hotel.

2. A high-speed train is planned for Provence. Why?

3. Normal life begins in ________________ when the traffic is sparse and there are no crowds and there is never a problem to get a table at a restaurant.

4. The masses in England suffer from poor restaurant food, according to Regis. Why?

5. What does Massot want to rent?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Male find gold coins? Why does this matter to him?

2. Describe Regis. What are you thoughts about this individual?

3. What is one of the possible consequences of drought in the region? How does this lead to more problems?

4. How does this market show cultural differences between the French and other cultures?

5. Describe the venue in which Pavarotti performs. Why does Mayle include this information?

6. What does Massot find in the area? What is his next suggestion? Is this a good suggestion? Why or why not?

7. How does the town of Orange feel about Pavarotti's arrival? Why do they feel this way?

8. What is another consequence of the drought. How might this affect the revenue of the region?

9. How is the real estate market affected in Luberon? How is this both good and bad?

10. What is Mayle's fear regarding Massot? Is this a rational fear? Why or why not?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lavender is an important crop in Provence.

Part 1) How does the author reveal its importance in this story? How is the author involved in the growing and/or harvesting of lavender? Why does he get involved? What might the author think of the production of lavender, based on his experiences with it?

Part 2) What other aspects of Provence are uniquely Provencal? How do these combine to make the Provencal culture? What are the author's thoughts on Provencal culture? Why? What are your own thoughts on the Provencal culture? Why?

Part 3) What crops are important in the U.S.? What is specifically grown in your region of the U.S.? How does this affect your community? How does this specifically affect your and your family? How does this, and other aspects of your culture, help you to relate to life in Provence?

Essay Topic 2

Mayle dislikes picnics.

Part 1) Why is this important to the story? Why does this fact not sway Mayle's wife when she plans a picnic? What does this reveal about her and her relationship with her husband?

Part 2) How is Peter's opinion regarding picnics changed? What other strong opinions does Peter have early on in the book that change over the course of his time in Provence? What leads to these changes? For the most part, are these good changes? Why or why not?

Part 3) How have your own opinions changed over time? What led to these changes? Do you believe your opinions will continue to change? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

A large focus is put on truffles.

Part 1) What are truffles? What does the author have to say about truffles? Why are truffles important to the author and this story?

Part 2) What is learned about French culture, as well as other European cultures, from the truffle stories in this book?

Part 3) How can you relate to these truffle stories? How do these make sense in your own life? To what can these be compare in the U.S.?

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