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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mayle recalls the prolonged process he endured in order to receive what?
(a) Health insurance.
(b) A driver's license.
(c) The identification cards he was required to have as a foreign resident living in France.
(d) A pay check.

2. Mayle takes a jab at Americans who create what?
(a) Pandemics.
(b) Epidemics.
(c) Common diseases.
(d) Their own lexicon for common diseases.

3. He was invited by his friend, Michel, ________________, to visit the famous wine caves of the region.
(a) A grape grower.
(b) A wine lover.
(c) A winery owner.
(d) A professional wine taster.

4. Alain tells Peter about an upcoming charity event where what will be prepared?
(a) The largest truffle pie in history.
(b) The largest truffle souffle in history.
(c) The largest truffle omelet in history.
(d) The largest truffle stew in history.

5. Mayle reminds his wife that he __________ picnics, based on his experiences in London.
(a) Loves.
(b) Does not care for.
(c) Does not mind.
(d) Hates.

Short Answer Questions

1. One man is certain that toads cannot sing while the other man claims that a man in ________________ is training some songs to sing for the bicentennial celebration to take place on July 14th.

2. How does Peter feel about his discoveries?

3. Mayle keeps up with the correspondence as best he can but is truly ___________ when fans begin stopping by to get his autograph on their copies of his book.

4. After being sent to one bureaucracy after the other, the final stop was a health check. The doctor found Mayle to be healthy but took his blood for one last screening which was to make sure he didn't have what?

5. What is used to make the product more expensive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mayle's wife bring the dog home? Should she have done this? Why or why not?

2. What does Peter say about this tasting experience? Why does he give these details?

3. How is the toad story explained? Is it as odd and sensational as Peter had hoped? Why or why not?

4. What takes place prior to Boy and the Gregoires' dog breeding? Why does the breeding not go as planned?

5. Describe the picnic area. How might this compare to Peter's experience in London?

6. What happens to Faustin? How does he feel about this?

7. Describe Peter's birthday card. Why might he have been given this?

8. How is Peter Mayle confused by the American visitor? How does this lead to a jab at Americans?

9. Why might the Mayles have invited the Gregoires to see the dog?

10. What does Monsieur X ask Peter to do next spring? What does this reveal about their relationship?

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