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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the period when Robert was in law enforcement, he ate breakfast where each morning?
(a) At the same cafe by the sea.
(b) At various cafes around town.
(c) At the same diner in town.
(d) At his home.

2. Mayle is in Avignon to shop at the fresh food market, Les Halles, located there. He has arrived at __________, before the market is open, in order to get a place to park.
(a) 7 am.
(b) 5 am.
(c) 4 am.
(d) 6 am.

3. The parched Provence region is officially declared what?
(a) A catastrophe.
(b) A natural disaster zone.
(c) A safe place to live.
(d) A threat to the safety of its residents.

4. Elegant old buildings are located on one side of the square, while a ____________________ is located on the opposite side.
(a) Hideous modern sculpture.
(b) Hideous old building.
(c) Beautiful old sculpture.
(d) Beautiful modern building.

5. The two men agree to share any profits, with a percent share for Mayle.
(a) Seventy-five.
(b) Ninety.
(c) Fifty.
(d) Sixty.

6. What does Massot find near the pool?
(a) A myriad of metal objects.
(b) More pottery.
(c) More jewelry.
(d) More coins.

7. Mayle is careful to keep what in a fireproof container in case their house goes up in flames?
(a) His books.
(b) His keys.
(c) His identity.
(d) His money.

8. What does Massot do to assist Peter in his findings?
(a) He rents a metal detector.
(b) He buys a jack-hammer.
(c) He calls in experts.
(d) He digs several holes.

9. A card from Saint-Tropez notes the ________________ are increasing the number of applicants for the Saint-Tropez police force.
(a) Number of burglaries.
(b) Nudist beaches.
(c) Cars on the road.
(d) Hand guns sold.

10. Mayle finds a parking spot on the crowded main street in _____________.
(a) Cavaillon.
(b) Checy.
(c) Chemault.
(d) Cabannes.

11. Régis suggests that he take the Mayles to ________ of his favorite restaurants for lunch.
(a) Seven.
(b) Three
(c) Two.
(d) Five.

12. Scores of ____________ are on sale everywhere one looks--laying on blankets, under trees and stacked in boxes.
(a) Dog stuffed animals.
(b) Older dogs.
(c) Kittens.
(d) Puppies.

13. The venue is fitting for the Italian. Why?
(a) It has an Italian name.
(b) It provides only Italian entertainers.
(c) The huge theater was built by his countrymen.
(d) It serves Italian food during performances.

14. A woman sitting nearby insists that Pavarotti does what in between songs?
(a) Complains to his agent.
(b) Eats small meals.
(c) Drinks a gallon of water.
(d) Talks to his mother on the phone.

15. Michel Bosc runs a restaurant and bar in the village of ________________.
(a) Cabasse.
(b) Cabrières.
(c) Cadarsac.
(d) Chelles.

Short Answer Questions

1. An annual party, the fete ____________, is held every summer in the town square.

2. The peasants often prove to be ___________________________ their sophisticated buyers.

3. There is often comment about dogs resembling who?

4. The tiny airport in Avignon is boasting direct flights to __________________ and will probably soon be referred to as Avignon International Airport.

5. Once _________________ hit, and the influx of vacationers and tourists make the Lubéron seem like a different region.

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