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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The man's goal to produce a recognizable version of what?
(a) The Marseillaise.
(b) The Star-Spangled Banner.
(c) Oh Holy Night.
(d) Happy Birthday.

2. Mayle's favorite letter was the one addressed to whom?
(a) The "Best Writer in Provence."
(b) The "Strange Writer in Provence."
(c) The "Funny Writer in Provence."
(d) The "English Writer in Provence."

3. Finally reaching the picnic area in what appears to be ____________________, the party finds a table for ten set under a sprawling oak tree, replete with starched white linen, silverware and ice buckets.
(a) An abandoned back yard.
(b) A city park.
(c) An open field.
(d) A thick and untamed forest.

4. Why does Peter agree with Frank regarding his feelings of worry?
(a) He is disappointed Frank lost his job.
(b) It is the end of March.
(c) He fears for Franks safety.
(d) He worries about himself.

5. How does Michel feel about spitting out the wine?
(a) It would not be appropriate.
(b) It would be fine.
(c) It would be odd.
(d) It would be appropriate.

6. Mayle reminds his wife that he __________ picnics, based on his experiences in London.
(a) Hates.
(b) Does not care for.
(c) Does not mind.
(d) Loves.

7. Peter decides to travel to this town to learn if there is any validity to the man's claim about singing toads. His inquiries there lead him to a man named Monsieur ____________.
(a) Germaine.
(b) Cergy.
(c) Salques.
(d) Crouteaux.

8. Peter intends to eat __________________.
(a) A great deal.
(b) Moderately.
(c) Voraciously.
(d) Minimally.

9. Peter's friend, Frank, calls him from London. He seems worried and on edge. Why?
(a) He fears that he has missed truffle season.
(b) He is lost.
(c) He worries about Peter.
(d) He was laid-off.

10. How does Peter feel about this toad story?
(a) He is annoyed.
(b) He is skeptical but intrigued.
(c) He is amused.
(d) He is excited.

11. The language barrier provides a comedic turn when Benson is presented with what?
(a) A small bottle of pills.
(b) A large bottle of syrupy medicine.
(c) A large syringe.
(d) A large medication wrapped in foil.

12. How does this man feel about talking with Peter?
(a) Annoyed.
(b) Worried.
(c) Unsure.
(d) Happy.

13. Mayle is rather surprised by the level of ____________ provided for the festival.
(a) Technology.
(b) Security.
(c) Entertainment.
(d) Surprise.

14. Mayle ____________ receiving fan mail from his readers.
(a) Enjoys.
(b) Wonders about.
(c) Hates.
(d) Fears.

15. He was invited by his friend, Michel, ________________, to visit the famous wine caves of the region.
(a) A professional wine taster.
(b) A winery owner.
(c) A wine lover.
(d) A grape grower.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does their one friend suggest they plan on doing?

2. One day at __________, Peter overhears two men discussing whether toads can sing.

3. The large shaggy animal is a stray and appears to be a French breed officially known as ______________.

4. Peter receives the ______________ birthday card in his life.

5. One man is certain that toads cannot sing while the other man claims that a man in ________________ is training some songs to sing for the bicentennial celebration to take place on July 14th.

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