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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mayle have to take Benson a second time to a pharmacy?
(a) The first pharmacist was not very knowledgeable.
(b) The first pharmacy was closed.
(c) The first pharmacy did not have one of the medications.
(d) The first pharmacy was too busy.

2. Peter's friend, Frank, calls him from London. He seems worried and on edge. Why?
(a) He fears that he has missed truffle season.
(b) He is lost.
(c) He was laid-off.
(d) He worries about Peter.

3. Peter intends to eat __________________.
(a) Moderately.
(b) Minimally.
(c) A great deal.
(d) Voraciously.

4. Mayle takes a jab at Americans who create what?
(a) Their own lexicon for common diseases.
(b) Epidemics.
(c) Pandemics.
(d) Common diseases.

5. How does the book store owner surprise Mayle?
(a) He had arranged for celebrities to attend his book signing.
(b) He had arranged for a formal dinner in his honor.
(c) He had arranged for a group of Mayle's fans to attend the event.
(d) He had arranged for him to stay in a luxury suite.

6. Peter tastes samples of the various wines--_______________________.
(a) First the reds, then the whites, then the roses.
(b) First the whites, then the roses, then the reds.
(c) First the roses, then the whites, then the reds.
(d) First the reds, then the roses, then the whites.

7. In ______________, Peter decides to travel to the small town of Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape in the wine country.
(a) August.
(b) April.
(c) September.
(d) June.

8. What do the guests do when they reach Maurice's restaurant?
(a) They eat dinner.
(b) They have coffee and tea.
(c) They drink wine.
(d) They have dessert.

9. How is the card signed?
(a) Happy birthday from his party guests.
(b) Best wishes from his party guests.
(c) With lots of love on your birthday from his party guests.
(d) You're the best from his party guests.

10. Mayle meets up with a neighbor named Massot who shares his distrust of what?
(a) French drivers.
(b) French police officers.
(c) French doctors.
(d) French chefs.

11. Peter contacts _____________, identified only as Monsieur X, for help for his friend Frank.
(a) A farmer.
(b) A chef.
(c) A dog breeder.
(d) A hunter.

12. Being back in London is _____________ experience for Peter.
(a) A horrible.
(b) An exciting.
(c) A scary.
(d) An enlightening.

13. How does Peter almost lose Michel?
(a) Peter starts to fall asleep.
(b) Michel is trying to lose Peter.
(c) Michel runs so fast.
(d) Michel drives so fast.

14. Over the next several weeks, Mayle's wife stalks the dog, who she learns spends time ______________ where it can feed off scraps.
(a) Outside her house.
(b) Outside a cafe.
(c) At a park.
(d) In a school yard.

15. Why does Mayle's wife bring the dog home?
(a) She had fallen in love with this dog.
(b) She feared that the dog might be captured by the local animal control authorities and ultimately put to death.
(c) She wanted another dog.
(d) She never passes up stray animals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mayle asserts that _________________ is the most common ailment that the French encounter.

2. Fans seek autographs from Mayle's neighbor, ____________, who is mentioned in the book as well as Monsieur Menicucci, a colorful, local plumber.

3. Alain tells Peter about an upcoming charity event where what will be prepared?

4. How does Peter feel about the food placed before him?

5. The Mayles decide that the dog needs a masculine name and call him what?

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