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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Singing Toads of St. Pantaléon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A local couple, the ______________, are invited over to see the dog.
(a) The Chignons.
(b) The Francoises.
(c) Gregoires.
(d) The DeVanes.

2. How else does Mayle feel about his book signing?
(a) He is worried that other writers will come to his book signing.
(b) He is excited about seeing his many fans at his book signing.
(c) He fears that celebrities will show up to his book signing.
(d) He doubts anyone would be interested with all the famous names in town.

3. Mayle instantly became pen pals with whom?
(a) Many students.
(b) Many foreigners.
(c) Many women.
(d) Many writers.

4. What is his card?
(a) A lifted metal speed limit sign.
(b) A Hallmark card.
(c) A post-it note.
(d) An origami flower.

5. Finally reaching the picnic area in what appears to be ____________________, the party finds a table for ten set under a sprawling oak tree, replete with starched white linen, silverware and ice buckets.
(a) An open field.
(b) A city park.
(c) A thick and untamed forest.
(d) An abandoned back yard.

Short Answer Questions

1. This man is is also composing an original anthem for whom?

2. How does Peter feel about this toad story?

3. One man is certain that toads cannot sing while the other man claims that a man in ________________ is training some songs to sing for the bicentennial celebration to take place on July 14th.

4. Peter receives the ______________ birthday card in his life.

5. Why does Mayle's wife bring the dog home?

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