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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Singing Toads of St. Pantaléon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How else does Mayle feel about his book signing?
(a) He doubts anyone would be interested with all the famous names in town.
(b) He fears that celebrities will show up to his book signing.
(c) He is worried that other writers will come to his book signing.
(d) He is excited about seeing his many fans at his book signing.

2. Over the next several weeks, Mayle's wife stalks the dog, who she learns spends time ______________ where it can feed off scraps.
(a) Outside a cafe.
(b) In a school yard.
(c) At a park.
(d) Outside her house.

3. Mayle recalls the prolonged process he endured in order to receive what?
(a) A driver's license.
(b) A pay check.
(c) The identification cards he was required to have as a foreign resident living in France.
(d) Health insurance.

4. Why is this couple allowed to see the dog?
(a) They are looking to purchase a dog.
(b) They also own Korthais.
(c) Their dog had gone missing.
(d) They know a lot about the dogs in the neighborhood.

5. Doing more detective work, she soon learns that the dog is staying at a man's house where?
(a) In the forest.
(b) In a nearby neighborhood.
(c) In the city.
(d) In the mountains.

Short Answer Questions

1. British writer Peter Mayle is living in the Provence region of ____________.

2. After arriving home, why does Benson ask Mayle to contact his brother?

3. Mayle picks up _______________ visitor at the railway station.

4. Mayle keeps up with the correspondence as best he can but is truly ___________ when fans begin stopping by to get his autograph on their copies of his book.

5. A local couple, the ______________, are invited over to see the dog.

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