Toujours Provence Character Descriptions

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Peter Mayle

This character is the book's main character.

Mrs. Mayle

This character is a supportive figure to her husband and is as protective of maintaining the quiet charm of their new homeland as much as her husband is.


This character is a young American visitor on his first trip to Europe who Mayle befriends.

Monsieur Menicucc

This character, the plumber and resident of Provencal, is described in Mayle's first book, A Year in Provence. He became a fan favorite because he was depicted as a lovable character who has opinions on many subjects other than plumbing.


This is the stray Griffon Korthals dog that Mayle's wife brings home.


This character, the chef and owner of the Auberge de la Loube, catered the picnic arranged for Mayle's fiftieth birthday party.


This is a friend and neighbor of Peter Mayle. Mayle turns to this character...

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