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Les Invalides

• British writer Peter Mayle is living in the Provence region of France; finds a brochure in his shopping bag which discusses the problem of constipation.

• Mayle asserts that hypochondria is the most common ailment that the French encounter.

• Mayle picks up an American visitor, Benson, who claims to be deathly ill with "mono;" Mayle takes a jab at Americans who create their own lexicon for common diseases.

• Mayle has a local doctor come to his house to treat Benson, but the young American, at first, distrusts the doctor.
• The doctor writes a slew of prescriptions which Mayle takes to a pharmacy.

• Benson and Mayle go to another pharmacy to obtain the item the other pharmacy was unable to fill; the language barrier provides comedy between Benson and the pharmacist.

• Mayle meets up with a neighbor named Massot who shares his distrust of French doctors; Mayle does...

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