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Joe Simpson (mountaineer)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first thing Richard gives to Simon?
(a) The medicine bag.
(b) Chocolate.
(c) Tea.
(d) Cheese.

2. After Bomb Alley, what is Joe's next objective?
(a) The upper lake.
(b) The lower lake.
(c) The riverbed.
(d) Base camp.

3. How does Joe describe the shape of the crevasse chamber where he has been?
(a) A figure-8.
(b) Hourglass-shaped.
(c) Football-shaped.
(d) Pear-shaped.

4. Why does Joe decide to descend deeper into the crevasse?
(a) He cannot bear another night on the ice bridge.
(b) He knows there is a way out.
(c) He sees some light at the bottom of the crevasse.
(d) Because that is in the worst-case-scenario climber's manual.

5. After he falls into the crevasse, what does Joe see through the hole far above?
(a) Clouds.
(b) Sunlight.
(c) Stars.
(d) Simon's body.

6. Simon recalls that he wanted to see Bolivia before returning to London. What country does Joe want to see?
(a) Tasmania.
(b) Bolivia.
(c) Ecuador.
(d) Peru.

7. What does Joe do to find out if Simon has fallen to his death?
(a) He pulls the rope.
(b) He calls him on the radio.
(c) He taps their secret code on the ice wall.
(d) He asks Richard.

8. After 12 hours in the crevasse, Joe finally escapes. Although briefly mentioned in the chapter "In the Far Distance", a new character is now officially introduced. Who is it?
(a) Alecia.
(b) Paddington.
(c) The soaring condor.
(d) The voice.

9. What does Simon say he and Joe have changed by climbing the mountain?
(a) Everything.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The record books.
(d) The mountain face.

10. Why does Joe turn off his head torch?
(a) To save the batteries.
(b) So he can see out better.
(c) He can't stand the looks of his injury.
(d) So he can go to sleep.

11. What does Joe shout at the lake?
(b) "Help me!"
(c) "Don't be a fool. Two hours' light left."
(d) "Four o'clock and all's well."

12. When he finds a way out, what does Joe say he has that he didn't have before?
(a) A plan.
(b) An escape route.
(c) Feeling in his fingers.
(d) The will to live.

13. Who does Richard go to see about getting donkeys for transporting their gear?
(a) Gloria.
(b) Huayallapa.
(c) Spinoza.
(d) Norma.

14. When Joe looks at the frayed end of the cut rope, what colors are the nylon filaments?
(a) White and pink.
(b) Green and brown.
(c) Red and blue.
(d) Purple and yellow.

15. When Joe falls into the crevasse, what is the first thing he does when he realizes he is alive?
(a) He looks for his head torch.
(b) He yells for Simon.
(c) He pulls on the rope.
(d) He laughs.

Short Answer Questions

1. After close inspection, what does Joe determine the "floor" of the crevasse to be?

2. After seeing that the rope had been cut, Joe falls asleep. What wakes him?

3. To what does Joe compare the figures in the ice?

4. When Joe finally reaches Bomb Alley, he immediately finds a trickle of water. How long has he gone without food or water?

5. After coming to the conclusion that Joe is dead, Simon is determined to do what?

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