Touching the Void Fun Activities

Joe Simpson (mountaineer)
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Instructional Climbing Video and Hands-On.

Show an instructional mountain-climbing video so the students can become familiar with the equipment used and the effort involved in climbing. If possible, have a climbing instructor or a representative from a local outdoor-sports retailer give the students hands-on experience with some of the equipment mentioned in the book, including climbing ropes, karabiners, and camming devices such as the Friend, crampons, ice screws, pitons, the Prussik knot, and sticht plate. This would most benefit the students at or towards the beginning of the class, either before reading the book or early in the reading.

British vs. American English.

Most American students may find expressions in the book that they are not familiar with, given the author's British nationality. Find at least ten words or expressions in the book that are unique to the English language spoken in the United Kingdom. Come up with...

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