Touching the Void Character Descriptions

Joe Simpson (mountaineer)
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Joe Simpson.

This character, who narrates most of the book, falls and breaks a leg while descending from the summit of the mountain.

Simon Yates.

This character is the climbing partner of the author. He cuts the rope on which the author hangs to prevent himself from being dragged over a cliff to his death.

Richard Hawking.

This character is an acquaintance of the author (and his partner) who agrees to wait at the base camp while the two climbers make their ascents.

Ian Whittaker.

This character and the author, while climbing in the French Alps, are rescued by helicopter after hanging on a rope for twelve hours.

The Japanese Climbers.

These characters are near the author's partner on the Croz Spur--a spot high in the Mont Blanc range of the French Alps--when they fall to their deaths as the author's partner and another man watch helplessly.

Jon Sylvester.

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