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Joe Simpson (mountaineer)
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Beneath the Mountain Lakes

• Two British climbers, Joe Simpson (the author) and Simon Yates, are in the Peruvian Andes with their companion, Richard Hawking.

• Joe and Simon are on a mission to climb the summit of a mountain named Siula Grande via the West Face, which has never been climbed.

• Richard stays behind to keep an eye on their gear.

• Joe and Simon work well together as a team and are an even match in fitness.

• Joe and Simon make three practice climbs before setting out to achieve their primary goal.
• Joe admires Simon's positive attitude.

• The men meet a local Peruvian family down the valley from base camp who supplies them with miscellaneous food and supplies.
• In spite of some concerns and doubts about the weather, Joe and Simon are ready to climb the mountain.

Tempting Fate

• Joe and Simon love climbing, and they start off with...

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