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Short Answer Questions

1. What vehicle picks up Sawyer, Jackson and the HRT when they land?

2. Who does Sidney try to reach at her office?

3. Where does the shotgun blast get him?

4. What does Liz tell Lee about Jason's password?

5. Where does Sidney find out the disk is encrypted?

Short Essay Questions

1. What final information does Sidney add to the puzzle regarding her conversation with Kay?

2. What does Kay reveal to Sidney when asked what Jason was working on?

3. What events lead Sidney to think that Jeff Fisher might be dead?

4. What is the overall goal of the men in the van following Sidney and her father and how does that differ from the goal that Kenneth Scales has?

5. What does Lee realize after Gamble picks him up and talks to him?

6. Why is Sidney diverted from her intended destination on two occasions?

7. What differences does Sawyer point out to Sidney regarding the two conversations that she had with Jason and what conclusions does he draw from them?

8. What facts don't add up where Jeff Fisher's arrest is concerned when Sawyer investigates?

9. What does Sidney do when she sees the article in the paper accusing Jason?

10. How do Sawyer and Jackson manage to get a flight to Bell Harbor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Where does Jason instruct Sidney to go in an effort to meet with him? How is she supposed to get there? What methods does she use to try to shake her potential followers on her way to the airport and how successful is she? Where does she stay when she arrives, and why doesn't Jason meet with her? How does he communicate with her the second time? In what way does he manage to get a message to her, and how does that tip off Sawyer to what is going on?

Essay Topic 2

What is Philip Goldman's agenda? Who does he represent? Why would he try to sabotage the CyberCom deal with Triton? What company would he prefer merge with CyberCom? How would that affect his status and position within the firm of Tyler Stone? What lengths is Philip willing to stoop to in an effort to make that happen? Who personally stands to lose at Tyler Stone if the deal between CyberCom and Triton collapses and why?

Essay Topic 3

Who approaches Sidney while she is on the flight on her way home? What does he tell her on the napkin at first? What is his interest in what is going on, and when did he begin to pay attention to the overall situation? What does he tell Sidney that she doesn't already know? What warning does he give her before they land? How does that warning seem in part to be more of a premonition?

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