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Short Answer Questions

1. What does he mistakenly think she is doing?

2. Who stops Scales from killing Sidney?

3. What does Nathan offer Lee in the small back room?

4. Who does Sidney call first from the Land Rover after getting to her parents' home in Bell Harbor?

5. What illness did Steven Page have?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sawyer finally resolve the issue of whether he was being confronted by one case that included Lieberman and Arthur together, or two cases where Lieberman and Arthur act independently?

2. What information does Sawyer glean from his conversation with Tiedman?

3. What happens that makes Sidney realize just how deep in trouble she really is?

4. What does Lee realize after Gamble picks him up and talks to him?

5. What does Sidney do after Lee stations agents outside her home to protect her?

6. What does Sidney fail to notice when she gets to her parents' home in Maine?

7. How does Sidney explain the anomalies that Lee throws at her?

8. What differences does Sawyer point out to Sidney regarding the two conversations that she had with Jason and what conclusions does he draw from them?

9. What does Sidney take from her brother's home?

10. Who kills Gamble and runs off with the disk when he thinks no one is looking and how does Sawyer know he was involved?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What prompts Quentin Rowe to initially join forces with Nathan Gamble? What is the reason that he is unable to go forward on his own instead? What does Gamble insist on having as a result? How does that affect the balance of corporate power in their combined companies? In what way does Gamble use this advantage against Rowe? How does Rowe even the score with Gamble? How long does it take him to do so?

Essay Topic 2

What does Sidney's father put in her vehicle before they leave her home and after she has already left in her effort to meet with Jason. When does she find it? How does this innocent action by him likely save this information from theft? Who does she want to discuss this with and what incident stops her from simply picking up the phone to do so? What does she notice that stops her from simply trying to answer her own questions at home?

Essay Topic 3

How does Sidney deal with Sawyer when he shows up at her door with questions again? How does she rationally explain each and every move that seemed like evasion to Sawyer at the time? What change in perspective does Sawyer have as they discuss the events with Sidney? What does Sawyer realize that Sidney could not possibly be fabricating? What final questions does he have about her visit to the crash site?

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