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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee discover about Sidney?

2. Why were police at Fisher's home?

3. What information does Jackson confirm from Lieberman's doctor?

4. What does Jackson take from Sidney before they converse?

5. What three men are Rowe talking to on the podium?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lee realize after Gamble picks him up and talks to him?

2. What does Fisher explain to Sidney?

3. What events lead Sidney to think that Jeff Fisher might be dead?

4. What happens that makes Sidney realize just how deep in trouble she really is?

5. What makes Sawyer realize that the entire taped meeting was likely a sham, or an act?

6. How does Sawyer finally resolve the issue of whether he was being confronted by one case that included Lieberman and Arthur together, or two cases where Lieberman and Arthur act independently?

7. What final information does Sidney add to the puzzle regarding her conversation with Kay?

8. How do they convince Sidney to come to them yet again?

9. What does Sidney do after Lee stations agents outside her home to protect her?

10. Why is Sawyer in such a hurry to get to Bell Harbor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the basic gist of the software that CyberCom is ready to introduce to the Internet, and from there to the world? What is the basic purpose of this software? Why is it considered to be the so revolutionary? In layman's terms, what has CyberCom created? How will this creation interface human beings with the Internet in a way that has never been accomplished before? What will the net result be?

Essay Topic 2

How is Sidney lured to the final confrontation? What is used for the second time to deceive her? What double crosses occur in the short time that follows, and who starts it? How does Sidney try to stall the inevitable, and what is she waiting for? What sequence of events finally take Kenneth Scales out of her life forever? Who is responsible for Kenneth's last breath? Who finishes Rowe? Who finishes Gamble? What is the final physical toll on Jackson and Sawyer?

Essay Topic 3

What does Sidney's father put in her vehicle before they leave her home and after she has already left in her effort to meet with Jason. When does she find it? How does this innocent action by him likely save this information from theft? Who does she want to discuss this with and what incident stops her from simply picking up the phone to do so? What does she notice that stops her from simply trying to answer her own questions at home?

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