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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Sidney settle in?

2. What information makes Sidnet uncomfortable with Nathan Gamble?

3. Where does Sidney go?

4. Who does Lee Sawyer compare Lieberman to?

5. Who is Alan Porcher?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Sidney checks Jason's computer for condolence emails?

2. What does Sidney realize has not happened after her mother and father pick up Amy to give her a few days to adjust?

3. Who shows up at Sidney's home and raises suspicions in everyone?

4. What things does Kay reveal to Sidney about Jason?

5. What happens to the man who is responsible for the crash of flight 3223?

6. Following Jason's instructions, what does Sidney do?

7. What does Agent Sawyer learn in his meeting at Triton Global?

8. Why is FBI Agent Lee Sawyer convinced from the beginning that the plane crash was likely as a result of sabotage?

9. What is Arthur Lieberman's biggest problem and how does it manifest itself?

10. Who does Philip Goldman meet and what is their conversation about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Sidney deal with Sawyer when he shows up at her door with questions again? How does she rationally explain each and every move that seemed like evasion to Sawyer at the time? What change in perspective does Sawyer have as they discuss the events with Sidney? What does Sawyer realize that Sidney could not possibly be fabricating? What final questions does he have about her visit to the crash site?

Essay Topic 2

How does Paul Brophy figure into this story? Where does he first come into play and under what circumstances? Why doesn't Sidney believe he will be the right replacement for the CyberCom/Triton deal? What reason does Paul give for showing up at her house before the memorial service for Jason? What subterfuge does he engage in and to whom does he report it? Where does he follow Sidney to and why.

Essay Topic 3

What is the basic gist of the software that CyberCom is ready to introduce to the Internet, and from there to the world? What is the basic purpose of this software? Why is it considered to be the so revolutionary? In layman's terms, what has CyberCom created? How will this creation interface human beings with the Internet in a way that has never been accomplished before? What will the net result be?

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