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1. What is Arthur Lieberman's biggest problem and how does it manifest itself?

Arthur Lieberman's biggest problem is that he has less than a year to live. Though he has always taken care of himself, exercised regularly, and never smoke or drank, he is now sixty two and will not likely see the age of sixty three. He is often wracked with pain, requiring a CADD pump to be attached via a catheter for on demand morphine, and has painful attacks that leave his gasping for breath and doubled over.

2. Who is Jason working for and what is he supposed to be doing?

Jason is working for Triton Global, under the direction of Quentin Rowe who is its President. Jason is tasked with taking a warehouse full of paper documents and reducing them to a logical financial picture of the company. He must sort through boxes of investment operations and business dealings that have accumulated over years by someone who has little or no computer literacy whatsoever.

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