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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sidney discover in the meeting?
(a) Her house burned down.
(b) Amy is sick.
(c) Jason's plane has crashed.
(d) Her flight is cancelled.

2. What is Sidney determined to find out?
(a) Where his seat was.
(b) What happened to Jason's luggage.
(c) Where Jason died.
(d) Why Jason lied to her.

3. What is most significant about his life right now?
(a) It will end within twelve months.
(b) He is donating his wealth to charity.
(c) He is negotiating freedom from terrorists.
(d) He is buying a cure for cancer.

4. What happens to the flight Jason is supposed to be on?
(a) They are snowed in.
(b) It is delayed.
(c) It crashes.
(d) They are diverted.

5. What happens to Arthur Lieberman?
(a) He trades places with someone else.
(b) He dies in the plane crash.
(c) He rewrites his will.
(d) He goes to Seattle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information makes Sidnet uncomfortable with Nathan Gamble?

2. What does the FBI initially conclude?

3. What does Jason mail himself?

4. What is the flight number of the plane Jason is supposed to be on?

5. What does Nathan insist on doing first?

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