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Essay Topic 1

Who is Arthur Lieberman? What is his overall importance? What is learned about Arthur Lieberman almost right from the very beginning? How does this affect the story overall? What is his outlook as a result? How much time does he have, and how is he managing to cope with the physical aspects of his problem? What are the emotional side effects? How might they be affecting his judgment at this point? Why does his death have such impact?

Essay Topic 2

What kind of company is Triton Global? Who are its principals and what are their positions? What is Triton Global's position in the market? Why are they considering acquiring CyberCom? What is the forecast financially for Triton Global with the CyberCom merger, and without the CyberCom merger? What is so difficult about the negotiations of this acquisition? How does the general practices of the CEO, Nathan...

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