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Chapters 1-7

• Arthur Lieberman, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, has less than twelve months to live.

• In style out of character for him, he has decided to go out in unforgettable style, happy to destroy some in the process.

• To do so, he must fly to California from Washington's Dulles Airport, but unknown to him, the plane has been sabotaged.

• Shortly after take off, the right wing comes away from the plane and it crashes, leaving no survivors.

• Jason Archer works for Triton Global which is a large and successful technology firm.

• His wife Sidney Archer, considered to be the best deal attorney's available, is negotiating their acquisition of CyberCom.

• CyberCom is a sophisticated research and development company producing state of the art software.

• The merger will take Triton Global into the next decade and ensure their continued leadership in worldwide technology.

• Working for Tyler-Stone, representing...

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