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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Danny's role in TORTILLA FLAT?

2. What is in the large canvas bag that Pirate brings home to the men?

3. Where has Danny just returned from as the novel opens?

4. What does Danny warn Joe about?

5. Danny invites Pilon, Pablo and Jesus to live with him on what condition?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Danny's reactions when he learns that his second house has burned down?

2. Describe how Pilon and Joe dig for their treasure and what do they find?

3. Who is the protagonist of the story and how is he introduced in the novel?

4. What happens to Jesus Maria and what inspiration does Pilon have for the pink bra?

5. What is the source of the house fire and what lesson do the men learn from it?

6. What is the condition of Danny's house and how much rent is it agreed that Pilon will pay?

7. How does Pilon try to convince the Pirate to come live in the house with the paisanos?

8. How does Arabella Gross take advantage of Jesus Maria Corcoran?

9. Why do the paisanos follow the Pirate every morning?

10. Who is the Pirate and what does Pilon learn about his daily routine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author uses more than one iteration on the theme of spirituality. Identify at least two examples about spirituality in the book. Then explain how each example supports the theme of spirituality.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Steinbeck's writing style. How is he different from other writers of his time? What are some of his characteristic writing techniques? Identify some examples of his classic style in TORTILLA FLAT.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the character of Torrelli. How does Lee conduct his business and his life? Why is he such an important figure in Tortilla Flat? What does he represent to the other characters in the story?

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