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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who invites Joe into her home?
(a) Ava Moreno.
(b) Emma Sanchez.
(c) Tia Ignacia.
(d) Maria Garcia.

2. Why do the paisanos not clean the windows of Danny's house?
(a) They are too high to reach.
(b) The kids would just mess them up again.
(c) It would let in too much light.
(d) Someone cleans them once a year.

3. Why does Danny plan to buy wine somewhere other than Torrelli's now?
(a) Torrelli won't give Danny a credit account.
(b) Torrelli stole Sweets away from Danny.
(c) Torrelli marks up prices on everything.
(d) Torrelli's wine has been poor quality lately.

4. What do the paisanos want to buy for the church in honor of St. Francis?
(a) A statue.
(b) A pew.
(c) A candlestick.
(d) Bibles.

5. Why does the Pirate sometimes lend Bob his dogs?
(a) So he can see if he wants a dog.
(b) So he won't be lonely.
(c) So he can go hunting.
(d) So people will think Bob caught them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who steals the Pirate's bag?

2. Cornelia Ruiz loves only love and ______________.

3. From what do the Cortez children eat their food?

4. Why does Torrelli want to kill Pilon?

5. Tall Bob Smoke has the body of a _____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Dolores Engracia (Sweets) Ramirez and what is her interest in Danny?

2. What are the sleeping arrangements at Danny's house with all the paisanos at home?

3. What does Pirate do with his dogs after he is moved by the stories of St. Francis in church?

4. How do Danny and Sweets eventually connect?

5. What is unusual about the diet of Teresina's children and the manner in which they eat?

6. What is the story of the boy and the baby, Manuel?

7. Why does the Pirate donate money to the church and what is the effect of this gesture on the other paisanos?

8. Who is Senora Teresina Cortez and what puzzles her most in her life?

9. What happens when the paisanos sell the vacuum cleaner to Torrelli?

10. What is the Pirate's daily ritual with his quarter and the canvas bag?

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