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Danny's Houses

These are two identically-laid out building that Danny inherits after World War I from his late grandfather.


A town located across the Peninsula from Monterey, it provides a bonanza for the paisanos when one evening a Coast Guard cutter grounds on the rocks and they joyfully comb the beach for useful items.

China Point

A town on the Monterey Peninsula between Monterey and Pacific Grove, this place figures in the story as the site of Chin Kee's squid yard.


An old city on the coast of California, this place sits on a sloping hillside above a blue bay and beneath a dark pine forest.

Pacific Grove

A town further out on the Peninsula than the town of Monterey, this place includes a quarry, where Rudolfo Kelling falls to his death.


People whose ancestry mixes Spanish, Indian, Mexican, and various Caucasian types, they have...

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