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Essay Topic 1

Describe the character of Torrelli. How does Lee conduct his business and his life? Why is he such an important figure in Tortilla Flat? What does he represent to the other characters in the story?

Essay Topic 2

Steinbeck uses beautifully descriptive language in the book to help his readers see his world from his perspective. Without referring to the book, describe Tortilla Flat. Now, describe Monterey, using only your recall of Steinbeck's descriptions. How do you visualize the California coast now that you have read Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Danny. Begin with his physical characteristics and extend into his personality and behavioral traits. What is Danny's role in Tortilla Flat? What is it about Danny that everybody wants to do something nice for him?

Essay Topic 4

Steinbeck clearly likes to have fun with his readers. Name some examples of humor in this book. Which...

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