Tortilla Flat Character Descriptions

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Danny - The novel's protagonist, he is a bowlegged, twenty-five-year-old paisano from the Tortilla Flat area of Monterey, California, at the time the US enters World War I.

Pilon - He is invited to rent for fifteen dollars a month one of the two houses his friend inherits. Neither expects the rent to be paid.

Jesus Maria Corcoran - The son of a rich, respected prizefighter, he is a red-bearded, humanitarian with a grasshopper brain, an aficionado of wine and women and an opportunistic thief.

The Pirate - A huge man with a bushy black beard, shabby clothing, good heart and limited intelligence, he lives in seclusion and destitution in a chicken coop with a pack of protective and obedient dogs.

Big Joe Portagee - He spends three-quarters of his Army hitch in the brig for a variety of offenses because he is not good at following...

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