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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who initiates phone calls between Ed and Arnold?
(a) Laurel.
(b) Arnold.
(c) Ed.
(d) No one; Ed and Arnold do not talk on the phone because Laurel gets jealous.

2. How might Laurel have worked it out that her plan had been more successful?
(a) To tell Arnold to come alone.
(b) To invite several other couples with whom Laurel might have found a man to become pregnant.
(c) To have known if she was able to get pregnant at that time.
(d) To have reserved the local indoor tennis court.

3. What does each couple enjoy?
(a) Sex with more than one partner.
(b) Watching XXX-rated movies.
(c) The mix of freedom and security derived from their respective partners.
(d) Cooking out.

4. What does Arnold believe validates Laurel's attraction to gay men?
(a) The fact that Ed has told Laurel he is gay and she stays with him.
(b) The fact that Laurel goes to male gay bars frequently.
(c) The fact that Laurel has slept with several gay men.
(d) The pass she makes for Alan.

5. What is shocking for Laurel to hear?
(a) That Ed initiates the phone calls to Arnold.
(b) That Ed told Arnold that Laurel insists that Ed call Arnold occasionally.
(c) That Arnold and Ed do not talk on the phone.
(d) That Ed is HIV positive.

6. What is the day when this act opens?
(a) Sunday night.
(b) Monday morning.
(c) A year later.
(d) Two months later.

7. What do Arnold and Alan decide?
(a) That Alan and Ed should be together.
(b) That they are better off just friends.
(c) That both need to be tested for HIV since Ed is HIV positive.
(d) That despite Alan's infidelity, they want to be together.

8. Why is Arnold angry with Ed?
(a) He does not want to have a sexual relationship with Arnold.
(b) He lied to the social worker.
(c) He left Arnold to face Arnold's mother alone.
(d) He is not sympathetic about Alan's death.

9. What has Laurel done?
(a) Re-decorated the master bath.
(b) Called Arnold.
(c) Gotten pregnant by Arnold.
(d) Left Ed.

10. Who seduces Alan?
(a) No one.
(b) Arnold.
(c) Laurel.
(d) Ed.

11. For what do Laurel and Alan probe?
(a) For an admission from Arnold that he is seeing another man besides Alan.
(b) Details of the time that Ed and Arnold spent in bed today.
(c) For evidence of Arnold being HIV positive.
(d) Evidence that Ed is not gay.

12. How does David respond to Arnold telling him that Arnold still intends to adopt David?
(a) David is appreciative of Arnold's thoughtfulness and states his joy at the thought of being adopted as Arnold's son.
(b) David says he wants Ed to adopt him instead.
(c) David is skeptical.
(d) David has decided he does not want to be adopted because of Mrs. Beckoff.

13. Why does Laurel want Arnold and Alan to rise?
(a) To play a pick-up game of basketball.
(b) To play doubles in tennis against her and Ed.
(c) To eat breakfast.
(d) She does not care if they arise.

14. What is Laurel's news?
(a) That she is pregnant and Arnold is the father.
(b) That she and Ed have split permanently.
(c) That she and Ed are getting married.
(d) That she has decided she is a lesbian which is why she was drawn to gay men.

15. What does Laurel plan to accomplish over the weekend?
(a) To learn how to serve a ball in tennis as well as Arnold can.
(b) To ascertain if there was still a spark between Arnold and Ed.
(c) To become pregnant by Arnold since Ed is sterile.
(d) She had no particular plans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ed used to call Arnold's bedroom?

2. Who discuss a similar subject of that between Ed and Laurel?

3. Whom is Laurel calling?

4. Of what do both couples agree?

5. What is the subject of Ed's reading?

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