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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What characters the apartment and why did they leave?
(a) Ed and Arnold left to have privacy.
(b) Ed and Mrs. Beckoff left to give Arnold a chance to talk to David about the adoption.
(c) Ed and Mrs. Beckoff left to go to the lawyer's office.
(d) David and Ed have left the apartment so that Arnold and Mrs. Beckoff can have some privacy.

2. What does David encourage Ed to do and what is Ed's response?
(a) David encourages Ed to make the break with Laurel permanent.
(b) David encourages Ed to continue with his art.
(c) David encourages Ed to discuss his relationship with Laurel but Ed declines.
(d) David encourages Ed to go back to Laurel.

3. To whom is Ed reading?
(a) Murray.
(b) Laurel.
(c) No one.
(d) Arnold.

4. How does Laurel say she met Ed?
(a) While they were in the same therapy group.
(b) Through Ed's mother with whom Laurel works.
(c) At a bus stop.
(d) Through a personals ad in the newspaper.

5. Where is Laurel on the day after the weekend that Alan and Arnold visited Ed and her?
(a) In New York City.
(b) In Boston.
(c) Asleep in bed still.
(d) In the barn.

6. Where is Alan?
(a) He and Arnold split up and he moved out.
(b) He is cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
(c) He is in the bath.
(d) He has died.

7. What does each couple enjoy?
(a) Cooking out.
(b) The mix of freedom and security derived from their respective partners.
(c) Watching XXX-rated movies.
(d) Sex with more than one partner.

8. What is the day when this act opens?
(a) Two months later.
(b) A year later.
(c) Monday morning.
(d) Sunday night.

9. What did Ed used to call Arnold's bedroom?
(a) The Pigpen.
(b) The Spaceship.
(c) The Nursery.
(d) The XXX Room.

10. What was Arnold's mother's response and friends' responses to Arnold's loss of Alan?
(a) Arnold's grief was never validated by his mother and even Arnold's friends grew weary of his mourning.
(b) That Alan was too young for Arnold anyway.
(c) That Alan had never been faithful to Arnold anyway.
(d) That there are many other fish in the ocean.

11. What has the weekend stirred up?
(a) A love triangle.
(b) Insecurites in each person.
(c) Hidden anger between Ed and Arnold.
(d) A feeling of attraction between Ed and Alan.

12. Where is Laurel visiting Arnold?
(a) At the club where Arnold is preparing to go onstage.
(b) At Arnold's home.
(c) In the gay bar, International.
(d) At a sushi bar.

13. What does Laurel plan to accomplish over the weekend?
(a) To learn how to serve a ball in tennis as well as Arnold can.
(b) To ascertain if there was still a spark between Arnold and Ed.
(c) To become pregnant by Arnold since Ed is sterile.
(d) She had no particular plans.

14. What conversational technique is continued in this scene?
(a) Indirect quoting.
(b) Fugue style overlap.
(c) A round-robin technique.
(d) Just thoughts in each character's mind.

15. What is Laurel's news?
(a) That she is pregnant and Arnold is the father.
(b) That she has decided she is a lesbian which is why she was drawn to gay men.
(c) That she and Ed are getting married.
(d) That she and Ed have split permanently.

Short Answer Questions

1. What day of the week is it at the opening of this scene?

2. What has Laurel done?

3. What do Laurel and Ed do despite the presence of Alan and Arnold?

4. Why did Ed call Arnold's bedroom what he did?

5. How might Laurel have worked it out that her plan had been more successful?

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