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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Arnold and Alan more resistant to than eating breakfast?
(a) Catching the early ferry.
(b) Cooking breakfast.
(c) Playing tennis.
(d) Going to church.

2. Of what does Arnold sing after Laurel leaves?
(a) Nothing; he is too upset to go onstage.
(b) A torch song about meeting the perfect man.
(c) A torch song about the end of an affair.
(d) A torch song about beauty and the beast.

3. How much time has passed since the last scene?
(a) Ten years.
(b) A week.
(c) Five years.
(d) One year.

4. To what does Arnold compare the loss of Alan?
(a) Arnold's grief over losing Alan is comparable to his mother's grief over losing her husband.
(b) Losing a dog with whom Arnold grew up.
(c) He makes no comparison because nothing can compare to the loss of Alan.
(d) Like losing one's own life.

5. With what is Mrs. Beckoff concerned?
(a) With the obvious enmity between Ed and David.
(b) With whether Arnold is happy.
(c) With the threat of Arnold contracting HIV.
(d) With Arnold's plans to adopt David.

6. What do Ed and Arnold declare?
(a) That nothing sexual happened between them.
(b) That they are leaving for Paris together.
(c) That they had sex but didn't enjoy it.
(d) That they have realized they are in love.

7. Where is Alan?
(a) He and Arnold split up and he moved out.
(b) He has died.
(c) He is in the bath.
(d) He is cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

8. Whom is Laurel calling?
(a) Arnold and Alan.
(b) Murray.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Ed.

9. What is implied in the song Arnold sings?
(a) That Arnold believes in love at first sight.
(b) That the perfect man may be a woman.
(c) Nothing since he was too upset to go onstage.
(d) That he still feels something for Ed.

10. What was Arnold's mother's response and friends' responses to Arnold's loss of Alan?
(a) That there are many other fish in the ocean.
(b) That Alan had never been faithful to Arnold anyway.
(c) That Alan was too young for Arnold anyway.
(d) Arnold's grief was never validated by his mother and even Arnold's friends grew weary of his mourning.

11. What does David encourage Ed to do and what is Ed's response?
(a) David encourages Ed to make the break with Laurel permanent.
(b) David encourages Ed to continue with his art.
(c) David encourages Ed to discuss his relationship with Laurel but Ed declines.
(d) David encourages Ed to go back to Laurel.

12. Why did Ed call Arnold's bedroom what he did?
(a) Because Arnold was so sloppy.
(b) Because it was so cozy and comfortable.
(c) Because there were glowing stars on the ceiling.
(d) Because Arnold had a collection of adult movies on the shelf in the bedroom.

13. Where do Laurel's parents live?
(a) Europe.
(b) South America.
(c) New England.
(d) The California coast.

14. Why is Arnold adopting David?
(a) Because David is his biological son.
(b) Because it is a goal that Arnold and Alan shared.
(c) Because David is gay.
(d) Because David was living on the streets.

15. What do Laurel and Ed do despite the presence of Alan and Arnold?
(a) Continue their Sunday morning schedule.
(b) Have Ed's parents over for brunch.
(c) Go off to play tennis.
(d) Make love.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the subject of Ed's reading?

2. Where is Laurel visiting Arnold?

3. What do Arnold and Ed manage to do?

4. What is a codetta?

5. Why is Mrs. Beckoff coming to visit Arnold?

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