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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Laurel say she is not inviting Alan and Arnold to her parent's home?
(a) They live too far away.
(b) Her parents hate gay men.
(c) She does not say.
(d) There is limited space.

2. What does Laurel plan to accomplish over the weekend?
(a) She had no particular plans.
(b) To become pregnant by Arnold since Ed is sterile.
(c) To ascertain if there was still a spark between Arnold and Ed.
(d) To learn how to serve a ball in tennis as well as Arnold can.

3. What does the author seem to be revealing in this scene?
(a) That Laurel secretly wishes to sleep with Arnold.
(b) More of the characters' vulnerabilities and emotional states.
(c) That Alan is an unsavory person.
(d) The fact that Ed is solidly heterosexual.

4. Who calls Arnold?
(a) Ed.
(b) Laurel.
(c) Murray.
(d) Alan.

5. What was Arnold's mother's response and friends' responses to Arnold's loss of Alan?
(a) That Alan had never been faithful to Arnold anyway.
(b) Arnold's grief was never validated by his mother and even Arnold's friends grew weary of his mourning.
(c) That Alan was too young for Arnold anyway.
(d) That there are many other fish in the ocean.

6. What might be a theme of this particularly scene?
(a) This brief scene really didn't have a particular theme.
(b) That one should belong to an indoor tennis club.
(c) That the weekend can be pretty dull without some partner swapping.
(d) That jealousy can occur in gay or straight relationships.

7. Who initiates phone calls between Ed and Arnold?
(a) Laurel.
(b) Arnold.
(c) Ed.
(d) No one; Ed and Arnold do not talk on the phone because Laurel gets jealous.

8. Why is Arnold angry with Ed?
(a) He lied to the social worker.
(b) He does not want to have a sexual relationship with Arnold.
(c) He is not sympathetic about Alan's death.
(d) He left Arnold to face Arnold's mother alone.

9. Whom is Laurel calling?
(a) Ed.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Murray.
(d) Arnold and Alan.

10. What has Laurel done?
(a) Re-decorated the master bath.
(b) Left Ed.
(c) Called Arnold.
(d) Gotten pregnant by Arnold.

11. Why does Laurel want Arnold and Alan to rise?
(a) To eat breakfast.
(b) She does not care if they arise.
(c) To play a pick-up game of basketball.
(d) To play doubles in tennis against her and Ed.

12. One is the main action in this scene?
(a) The harmony of the four getting along to create dinner.
(b) The arrival of two other young couples and subsequent confusion.
(c) The revelation that Arnold and Ed plan to sneak off to have sex.
(d) An exploration of the relationship between each person of the two couples.

13. Why is Mrs. Beckoff coming to visit Arnold?
(a) To go to Alan's funeral with her son, Arnold.
(b) To inspect the home for approving David's adoption.
(c) For her biannual visit.
(d) To help Arnold legitimize his home for the social worker's visit.

14. What does Arnold say happened to Alan?
(a) Alan didn't really die; he ran off with another man and Arnold just thinks of Alan as dead.
(b) Alan died during surgery for injuries he suffered in a car accident.
(c) Alan developed AIDS and died.
(d) Alan had been killed in the street by some young men who hate homosexuals.

15. What characters are on stage at the opening of this scene?
(a) Ed and Laurel.
(b) Alan and Arnold.
(c) Mrs. Beckoff and Arnold.
(d) Ed, Arnold, and David.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does David hope about Ed and Arnold?

2. What has the weekend stirred up?

3. What are the two characters doing?

4. What does Laurel admit about the weekend?

5. What do Laurel and Ed do despite the presence of Alan and Arnold?

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