Torch Song Trilogy Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is the main character present at the opening of this scene and what is the setting?

The play opens in a dressing room where Arnold, where Arnold is preparing to go onstage.

2. What is Arthur going to do onstage?

Arthur is going to give a performance as a drag queen.

3. What is happening from another part of the stage and how does it tie in with Arthur?

From another part of the stage, a torch singer named Lady Blues finishes a ballad. A ballad is often a sad song about lost or unfulfilled love, which is Arthur's problem.

4. How does Arthur's monologue reflect an underlying optimism or hope?

Arnold is well aware of his own shortcomings but admits that he has much to offer the right person, which shows optimism. After sharing his idea of the perfect man, Arnold makes final preparations for his show and tells the audience that the right man may just be in the audience tonight, which is also an optimistic statement.

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