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Essay Topic 1

In "The International Stud: Scene 1," Arnold shares his frustrations at the lack of true love in his life despite all his attempts and all the humiliations and betrayals that plague a homosexual man. Discuss the following ideas in a well-developed essay using specific examples both from the text and any research you complete:

1. What sort of humiliations and do you think a gay man might endure? From whom?

2. Do you believe it is okay to humiliate and harass gay men? Explain your point of view.

3. Have you ever been humiliated for some reason? How did you feel during the time it was happening?

4. Did it make you more or less likely to do the same to someone else?

Essay Topic 2

The second problem in "The International Stud: Scene 1," of which Arnold shares is the fact that he has gone through some betrayals. Discuss the following ideas...

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