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The International Stud: Scene 1

• The play opens in a dressing room where Arnold is preparing for his performance as a drag queen.

• A torch singer named Lady Blues finishes a ballad.

• Arnold begins a monologue sharing his frustrations at the lack of true love.

• Arthur is well aware of his own shortcomings but admits that he has much to offer the right person.

• Arthur tells the audience that the right man may just be in the audience tonight.

The International Stud: Scene 2

• Lady Blues sings a torch song between each scene

• As she finishes, lights go up on Ed Reiss, a homosexual man.

• He is having a conversation with Arnold, but the audience does not see Arnold on the stage.

• The dialogue is from Ed's perspective.

• Ed asks Arnold if the backroom is crowded, and Arnold apparently replies he does not know.

• Ed and Arnold are attracted to...

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