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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the end of Act 1, Part 3, which woman's story seems the least probable or realistic?
(a) Marlene.
(b) Nijo.
(c) Gret.
(d) Isabella.

2. Why did Griselda accept Walter's tests of her love?
(a) She was afraid he would beat her.
(b) She enjoyed a challenge.
(c) She was raised to obey her husband.
(d) She knew the outcome beforehand.

3. What is the consequence of Joan's birth experience?
(a) She and the baby are stoned to death.
(b) The baby is raised by nuns.
(c) The baby is hailed as a miracle.
(d) She and the baby are forced to go into hiding.

4. What was Walter's secret?
(a) He kept another lover.
(b) He was not as rich as people thought he was.
(c) He raised their children in secret.
(d) He had a second family with another woman.

5. What was Walter's final test of his wife's love?
(a) He took their first child from her.
(b) He asked her to murder someone.
(c) He had her organize his wedding.
(d) He cheated on her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was one of the Emperor's rituals?

2. What does Kit want to be when she grows up?

3. Which new guest arrives during Act 1, Part 3?

4. What was Joan doing when she went into labor?

5. Where does Joyce want the girls to go while they are in the yard?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Marlene's reaction towards her visitors in Act 2, Scene 3, Part 2?

2. Does the close of Act 2, Scene 1 show Marlene interacting with Jeanine in a positive or negative light?

3. What evidence from the play supports Marlene's reason for bringing such nice gifts to the house when it was not Christmas or anyone's birthday?

4. What is Marlene's power revealed in Act 2, Scene 3, Part 1, and why is this considered a power?

5. What sort of parenting style does Joyce have? Is any of it effective on Angie?

6. How does Churchill portray women in dynamic and unlikely spiritual roles?

7. Why does Marlene harp so much on the fact that she left her unpleasant past life behind?

8. Why might the author include so many dinner guests who have worn men's clothing?

9. Based on the dialogue from Act 1, Part 3, how might you say that Isabella and Marlene are alike?

10. What sort of metaphor can be drawn from Dull Gret's journey into hell?

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