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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Marlene, what sort of people does she respect?
(a) People with the courage and strength to succeed.
(b) People who make a lot of money despite their lack of education.
(c) People who never have to visit their poor relatives.
(d) People who become a success without regard for lovers or children.

2. For whom does Marlene have to pick up slack today?
(a) Nell.
(b) Another employee who is away.
(c) No one, Marlene is lying.
(d) Winn.

3. Joyce and Marlene argue over everything in Act 3, Part 2 except:
(a) Who is a better daughter.
(b) Whether Marlene was right to leave her daughter.
(c) Who should sleep on the sofa.
(d) Whether Marlene was right to leave.

4. When Winn came to work for Top Girls:
(a) She was offered more money.
(b) She had to take a pay cut.
(c) She quit her other job with no notice.
(d) She received more vacation time.

5. What is Marlene, according to Mrs. Kidd?
(a) Not natural.
(b) Not sophisticated.
(c) Not intelligent.
(d) Not attractive.

6. Who else comes for a visit to Joyce's house?
(a) Kit.
(b) Winn.
(c) Nell.
(d) Mrs. Kidd.

7. According to Winn and Nell, who has "far more balls" than Howard?
(a) Winn.
(b) Marlene.
(c) Nell.
(d) No one.

8. Why is Marlene is angry at Joyce?
(a) Joyce has not called her in three years.
(b) Joyce had a baby and she did not.
(c) Joyce did not warn her Angie was coming.
(d) Joyce did not come with Angie.

9. Why does Winn like working at Top Girls?
(a) People want to meet her.
(b) She works mostly with women.
(c) She gets to be people's boss.
(d) She makes a great deal of money.

10. According to Joyce, this "society" is:
(a) Childish.
(b) Expensive.
(c) Dangerous.
(d) A good idea.

11. What gift does Marlene bring Joyce?
(a) A sewing kit.
(b) A bottle of perfume.
(c) A dress.
(d) A sweater.

12. What would Shona like to sell?
(a) Office furniture.
(b) Photo copiers.
(c) Telecom services.
(d) Computers.

13. What happened with Joyce's husband?
(a) He had an affair, so Joyce kicked him out.
(b) He never came home one night.
(c) He died from drinking too much.
(d) They had a peaceful divorce and are still good friends.

14. What does Marlene bring to drink to Joyce's house?
(a) Her own tea bags.
(b) A bottle of whiskey.
(c) A bottle of wine.
(d) Her own cup of coffee.

15. Whom does Angie meet in Act 2, Scene 3, Part 3?
(a) Marlene.
(b) Winn.
(c) Shona.
(d) Nell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Howard not coming in to work during the course of the play?

2. What does Angie do with the perfume?

3. What do all men want Marlene to do?

4. Marlene suggests that if Howard is unhappy, he should:

5. When Angie enters the office, Marlene offers her:

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