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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When planning the visit, Marlene:
(a) Wanted it to be a surprise.
(b) Got the date wrong.
(c) Arranged for a hotel.
(d) Did not call ahead.

2. According to Nell, computers is a very:
(a) Boring field.
(b) Glamorous field.
(c) Male-oriented field.
(d) Low-paying field.

3. When Angie is awakened by a nightmare, the one word she says to Marlene is:
(a) "Hello"
(b) "Mother"
(c) "Frightening"
(d) "Aunt"

4. How does Louise feel that she is viewed as at work?
(a) As an androgenous person.
(b) As a man.
(c) As a weak woman.
(d) As a feminine woman.

5. What does Angie want to share with Marlene when she is in Angie's room?
(a) Her diary.
(b) Her dessert.
(c) Her blanket.
(d) A secret.

6. Louise's talking habits can be described as:
(a) She is too nervous to say what she would like.
(b) She speaks very little.
(c) She shares a conversation equally.
(d) She speaks a bit too much.

7. In Act 2, Scene 3, Marlene is busy and what else?
(a) And can't spend much time with Angie.
(b) But is very excited to see Angie.
(c) But decides to take the day off.
(d) But is going to clear her schedule for Angie.

8. According to Marlene and Joyce, why did their mother have a miserable life?
(a) She lost all her money gambling on horses.
(b) She was never able to use the education she had.
(c) Her husband was a drunk.
(d) Her children were such a disappointment to her.

9. What does Angie need to be reminded to do?
(a) Thank Marlene for the gift.
(b) Greet Marlene when she walks in.
(c) Say "goodbye" when Marlene leaves.
(d) Ask Marlene how she is.

10. How old is Louise?
(a) Mid-thirties.
(b) Mid-forties.
(c) Mid-twenties.
(d) Thirty-nine.

11. What did Marlene do before coming to Joyce's house?
(a) Went to the park.
(b) Visited their mother.
(c) Went to the mall.
(d) Had lunch with an old friend.

12. What sort of gift-giver is Marlene?
(a) She gives gifts that are too expensive.
(b) She does not remember birthdays or Christmas.
(c) She gives gifts and then usually wants them back.
(d) She gives rather cheap gifts.

13. How will Marlene's new office compare to her present office?
(a) Is will be exactly the same.
(b) It will be much bigger.
(c) It will be much smaller.
(d) It will be in a different building.

14. Why is Howard not coming in to work during the course of the play?
(a) He got into a car wreck.
(b) He is interviewing for a different job.
(c) He is too hung over.
(d) He is upset about Marlene's promotion.

15. What does Marlene asks Angie about?
(a) Her neighbors.
(b) Joyce.
(c) Her boyfriend.
(d) Kit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Louise wants to:

2. According to Angie:

3. What happened to Angie's dad?

4. Who is Angie's real mother?

5. According to Joyce, Angie is:

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