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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Joyce get pregnant?
(a) Never; she was unable to conceive.
(b) When Angie was six months old.
(c) When she was sixteen.
(d) When she was nearly 40 years old.

2. What does Angie need to be reminded to do?
(a) Ask Marlene how she is.
(b) Thank Marlene for the gift.
(c) Greet Marlene when she walks in.
(d) Say "goodbye" when Marlene leaves.

3. What does Angie do with the perfume?
(a) She gives it to Kit.
(b) She steals it from Joyce.
(c) She insists they all wear some.
(d) She spills it.

4. How did the husbands of Joyce's friends react to her lack of husband?
(a) They propositioned her.
(b) They felt sorry for her.
(c) They pretended it never happened.
(d) They told her it was her own fault.

5. According to Angie:
(a) Joyce often says the phone is too expensive.
(b) Joyce does not like to use the phone.
(c) Joyce never gets off the phone.
(d) Joyce never allows her to use the phone.

6. What are Win and Nell's position in the company?
(a) They wish to be hired.
(b) They have the same position as Marlene.
(c) They are Marlene's bosses.
(d) They are assistants.

7. What field did Nell once work in?
(a) Computers.
(b) Retail.
(c) Sales.
(d) Marketing.

8. Marlene suggests that if Howard is unhappy, he should:
(a) See a psychiatrist.
(b) Talk to Marlene himself.
(c) Go work somewhere else.
(d) Work harder and get promoted.

9. What does Angie do with her dress?
(a) She asks Marlene to take it back.
(b) She wants Joyce to try it on.
(c) She complains that it does not fit properly.
(d) She keeps it on during the visit.

10. According to Marlene, what sort of people does she respect?
(a) People who make a lot of money despite their lack of education.
(b) People who never have to visit their poor relatives.
(c) People who become a success without regard for lovers or children.
(d) People with the courage and strength to succeed.

11. What does Marlene asks Angie about?
(a) Kit.
(b) Joyce.
(c) Her neighbors.
(d) Her boyfriend.

12. When Angie enters the office, Marlene offers her:
(a) A job.
(b) A glass of wine.
(c) A cigarette.
(d) Something to drink.

13. What shocking thing did Joyce's husband do?
(a) He married someone else while married to Joyce.
(b) He tried to kiss Marlene.
(c) He secretly helped Marlene get her start in London.
(d) He pretended to have an affair so that Joyce would leave him.

14. What does Angie convince Marlene of?
(a) That Joyce knows Angie is there.
(b) That Joyce has a new boyfriend.
(c) That Joyce is having a baby.
(d) That Joyce will be joining them shortly.

15. Who is Mrs. Kidd?
(a) Marlene's other sister.
(b) Angie's mother.
(c) An interviewee for a job.
(d) Howard's wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of gift-giver is Marlene?

2. Who is Angie's real mother?

3. With Marlene in charge, Winn and Nell feel that:

4. When Winn came to work for Top Girls:

5. What does Marlene bring to drink to Joyce's house?

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