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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Nell, computers is a very:
(a) Glamorous field.
(b) Low-paying field.
(c) Male-oriented field.
(d) Boring field.

2. With Marlene in charge, Winn and Nell feel that:
(a) Howard will be promoted over them.
(b) They will never advance.
(c) They might lose their jobs.
(d) Will more likely advance.

3. When does Act 3, Scene One take place?
(a) A year later.
(b) A week later.
(c) Simultaneously.
(d) A year earlier.

4. Why did Winn get into sales?
(a) To help others.
(b) To gain management experience.
(c) To make a lot of money.
(d) To meet people.

5. What are Win and Nell's position in the company?
(a) They are assistants.
(b) They wish to be hired.
(c) They are Marlene's bosses.
(d) They have the same position as Marlene.

6. According to Marlene, what sort of people does she respect?
(a) People with the courage and strength to succeed.
(b) People who become a success without regard for lovers or children.
(c) People who make a lot of money despite their lack of education.
(d) People who never have to visit their poor relatives.

7. According to Shona, she has been:
(a) Not very successful in sales.
(b) Very successful in sales.
(c) Very bored with sales.
(d) Grossly underpaid in sales.

8. According to Mrs. Kidd, what is demeaning for Howard?
(a) To work for a white person
(b) To work in an office job
(c) To work at an employment agency
(d) To work for a woman

9. How did Winn get her present job?
(a) Marlene knew her from college.
(b) She answered an ad in the paper.
(c) She applied through the company's web site.
(d) She was headhunted.

10. When Joyce and Marlene say their good-nights,
(a) They disagree with each other, but are best of friends.
(b) Joyce is rebuffed by Marlene.
(c) They have reconciled their differences.
(d) They are not on good terms.

11. Why does Winn like working at Top Girls?
(a) She makes a great deal of money.
(b) She gets to be people's boss.
(c) People want to meet her.
(d) She works mostly with women.

12. For whom does Marlene have to pick up slack today?
(a) Nell.
(b) Another employee who is away.
(c) No one, Marlene is lying.
(d) Winn.

13. Why does Angie want to stay and watch Marlene?
(a) She does not trust Marlene.
(b) She wants to spy on Marlene for Joyce.
(c) It is where she most wants to be in the world.
(d) She wants Marlene's job.

14. When Angie enters the office, Marlene offers her:
(a) Something to drink.
(b) A job.
(c) A glass of wine.
(d) A cigarette.

15. In Act 2, Scene 3, Marlene is busy and what else?
(a) But decides to take the day off.
(b) But is very excited to see Angie.
(c) But is going to clear her schedule for Angie.
(d) And can't spend much time with Angie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Louise's talking habits can be described as:

2. What does Angie want to share with Marlene when she is in Angie's room?

3. What does Angie do with the perfume?

4. When Angie first enters the office:

5. What gift does Marlene bring Angie?

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